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They’re currently swapping out some equipment for Crim to fix audio issue. We should be ready to rock shortly..

Did Crim just call Los Angeles the diarrhea butthole of the country???? Lmaoooooooooooo.

Trump/FBI update. In­ves­ti­ga­tors are now pur­su­ing the next steps of DoJ’s crim­i­nal in­ves­ti­gation into Trump’s han­dling of na­tional se­cu­rity ma­te­r­ial and pres­i­den­tial records, which could take months to play out. Political fallout will continue on daily basis..

Matt was in the back of the room when Garland made his post MAL search statement. I respect him. Hopefully, he will be exercising fed crim accountability influence over Garland/@LisaMonaco to save our democracy. @DOJNatSec Assistant AG Matthew G. Olsen.

If the US will give the Russians a real crim like Viktor Bout, surely they can give us Julian. ‘Viktor Bout, arms dealer linked to swap for Americans held by Russia’.

@JakeCharlt_ @Crimsix The OG greenwall fans do, Crim is a beast, hes just getting older. 29 and still making it to champs is an impressive thing to do..


@Crimsix You’re a best crim and it stinks they had to knock you out. Back stronger next year fatman🫡.

@TacticalRab Left side of the stage, Crim complaining of having no Aim Assist, think only 1 team has won on that side and that was Faze game 5 vs Seattle?.

@TacRabAcademy I cleaned my room for the first time this year. While sweeping under the bed, I heard my mop collide with something. To my surprise, I found Crim hiding under my bed! My dad said “don’t bother sweeping him son, he’s been dusted for years”. #CDLChamps.

@OG_STiCkYy @Crimsix It is but when this is your whole life and your job you kind of want your setup to be perfect to help perform. Crim does not care about how the fans feel about his delay and he has no reason to care. He is here to win the biggest tournament of the year.

@DREAL_JE The thumb thing. Did you get information on the open wound and stuff about content? Crim CLAIMED that he was the only one against it.

@CdlScrimintel Crim is the goat and everything but he was not playing well enough this year for him to be saying other people or the worst in the world LMAO.

Well it never happened in the EU 27 or USA, explain to me how they all have exactly the same problems as the UK, War Crim?.


いまさらだけどレイジングハート・エストレアじゃなくこっちのストリーマの方をチャームとして出して欲しかったな。 もしくは変形させて欲しかった #ラスバレ.

Crim Photo,Crim Photo by くりむろーぜ@ラスバレ他,くりむろーぜ@ラスバレ他 on twitter tweets Crim Photo

@CallofSandy Might as well take a nap. Crim will surely drag this out as long as possible 😂😅.

@SpazM8 Dawg I’m convinced they’re building him a new pc on the spot. I already don’t like Crim..

@OctaneSam tell crim to quit being a tom brady and get the game going!! #codchamps #CDLChamps.

@TheBaseGoDJAY Dawg there no way these mfs can’t figure out an “audio” issue. Fuck did crim do 😂.


@Dmonyayy @Crimsix Bro really show some respect to Crim. We rooted for him when he was on OpTic.

@intelCDL Wait, is that setup fucked? Crim was on the same one and did poor as well 🤔.

Please check the PC that pred about to step on!! PC #4! First crim then simp, not my man pred 😭😭.

Mas não podemos esquecer que o mal maior está ainda oculto. Tal org crim é apenas ponta quase insignificante do iceberg. A luta será grande e longa! É a luta humana pela liberdade! Desde sempre. Mudam as falas, os métodos, os lados, os cúmplices, mas o que querem: nos aprisionar!.

@ImAsidix_ me speaking facts is hating??? LMAO. Did Crim is lying just listen to him. Neptune calling him out on his bs n so is Hydra. Crim did the same shit after empire to shotzzy n ILLey.

@vexed_45 CRIM SAYING “other teams would have just dropped you” to nep. MF THATS WHAT YOU DID.

La prova que pot resoldre el crim de Susqueda cinc anys després.

@elle_crim えるさん気づいてしまったか...!さり気なく安村写真を紛れ込ませました🤣🤣らっしーさん紳士かと思いきや変態のつく紳士でした...😳ww.

50連目でキョウカちゃん来てくれた😆 #プリコネR #キョウカ.

Crim Photo,Crim Photo by くりむろーぜ@ラスバレ他,くりむろーぜ@ラスバレ他 on twitter tweets Crim Photo

I remember going to a crim conference in the early 80s when a police officer held up what he said was a tamper proof drug bag. One of my friends asked to have a look at it, produced a large pair of scissors and promptly cut the bag in half. 😂.

Check out paco says crim made neptune cry + Paco claiming Crim to be racist 😳.

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