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Tells you a lot that the Crips care more about the community than a bunch of radical Marxists who wanna tear it down.

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AuntieKei ()

Just saw a post on ig saying no gangbanger ever shot a guessing this person doesn’t know the bloods and crips originally form to protect their hoods from police brutality.

BIBLE MAN -Eschatology Expert - Jesus Prophecy
BIBLE MAN -Eschatology Expert - Jesus Prophecy ()

So when you invade the Crips turf they are justified but when you invade the #McCloskeys turf the local Circuit attorney wants them investigated.

Tasha Barber
Tasha Barber ()

So the Crips was out in Long Beach checking Antifa and Looters. Lmao. Every last one them sounded like Cube.

it’s sunny
It’s sunny ()

what’s that supposed to mean? what’s wrong wit crips? the crips were literally founded to protect our community and build it back up lol. Community Restoration In Progress CRIP ♿️

Camila ()

This is absolutely laughable. Crips and Bloods are not here to do you favors, Kerry 🙄🙄

Juanito ()

@PNigga43 @baldwaves So what is the truth? That an old video showing a crip stopping a looter. I don’t get it. You believe that the people you guys call thugs are the ones on your side. Bloods and crips hate trump. What are you on

Ahm_Bor3d ()

@TezlynFigaro One side wearing blue, and you ppl automatically think its crips. You see more white ppl than blcks. So how can u say it was the crips

Trey Smith
Trey Smith ()

please nobody let vince staples see why the crips are trending i want him to have a stress free day

Joseph Malone
Joseph Malone ()

Conservatives must be desperate if they want an alliance or any type of lip service to the crips. This is amateur hour. I forgot how stupid both sides were. Fight, dont fight whatever. Your both equally worthless. I got designs on you bitches.

Victor "Punch Nazis" Licata ()

@cmontegari AntiFa isn’t a group, it’s more of a rallying meme for nearly a century. It’s a a chaotic, popular response. The same would happen if pedophiles had tiki torch rallies. AntiPed would be a thing. The hooligan in the video is just a hooligan. Bloods and Crips are both pro-BLM.

Daniel Foss
Daniel Foss ()

@RandyNevada1 @leslieh707 Even the Crips are goning to vote for Trump this fall 🙌💪🙌🇺🇸

AbolishtheUN ()

Nobodies praising the crips since the BLM/ANTIFA is also hated by the crips you know you fucked up

Din Djarin
Din Djarin ()

@TrickyRickDaddy @ArtValley818 This night obviously don’t know why the crips even started


Me: “the crips are trending? Tf happened?” *clicks hashtag* Me:

Crips Photo
TayeCocaine ()

White people are so fake, they really pretending to like crips like they don’t call them animals and thugs regularly.

Joseph Malone
Joseph Malone ()

Remember gooks attacked me and ANY attack on them is sanctioned. There are asian crips in long beach? LOL they must be DESPERATE for allies.

Amy Kremer
Amy Kremer ()

Antifa just called the Crips gang member “Sir” while being chased out of Long Beach.😂🤣😂 Wish more people would stand up and push back on these criminals that are looting.

Ian Miles Cheong
Ian Miles Cheong ()

Tells you a lot that the Crips care more about the community than a bunch of radical Marxists who wanna tear it down.

Britt Griffith
Britt Griffith ()

Personal injury lawyers going 2A and now Crips protecting their hood from ANTIFA/BLM 2 things I never thought I would say hell yeah 2020 is the weirdest timeline ever ...

☚ #Caturday Barr ☛
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