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I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m just a filthy goddamn simp for Liam “I’ve got the Observant feat…natural 20” O’Brien #criticalrolespoilers.

oh god ohhh god oh god here we go head massage oh god dream sharing hand holding red threads on wrists heLP HELP #criticalrolespoilers.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo,#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo by Maryne. 💜🖤,Maryne. 💜🖤 on twitter tweets #CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo

everyone knows your red threads touching is like 2nd base for lesbians right ? right #CriticalRoleSpoilers.


imogen wrapping her arm around laudna’s as they sleep and making it so that their red thread bracelets are together #criticalrolespoilers.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo,#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo by ares ⚧︎,ares ⚧︎ on twitter tweets #CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo

the red thread bracelets being canon now makes me so happy i feel so vindicated #criticalrolespoilers.

Imogen and Laudna being the gayest mofos rn. CUDDLE UP YOU LITTLE HOMOS #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo,#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo by Bailey || 💜🖤💍,Bailey || 💜🖤💍 on twitter tweets #CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo

As the creature flies off (and the cast realizes they all have to pee), we go to break! #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

“our connection’s gunna go dark…i’ll see you on the other side. be safe” PLEASE 😭😭😭 #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers fuck, man the fact that it was ollie calloway who first stole the crown and sabotaged the machine and this time it was fearne calloway, who dealt the killing blow on the machine with her fire magic. destroying it utterly..

Four hours into the episode, I looked at Sam’s flask #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo,#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo by 🍌Gail🍌,🍌Gail🍌 on twitter tweets #CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo

laura’s reaction to laudna nearly getting knocked unconscious by a crit #criticalrolespoilers.

fellas is it gay to tether yourself to the one you love most so you can share your dream with them? #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo,#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo by hannah (she/they),hannah (she/they) on twitter tweets #CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo

#CriticalRoleSpoilers god there were so many amazing fucking moments, how do you even begin to sift through the fearne, chetney guard hold fcg being MVP ! doing so much! ashton finally having some really good luck and just flyin, bein an absolute menace !.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers fuck, imogen and chetney both going to help him, despite how terrifying this is no one gets left behind..

#CriticalRoleSpoilers i suspect sammanar and elmenore have live in perspective peace as long as they have because a balance existed what sammanar is involved will likely throw that balance off.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers meeting ira ended in a scuffle. meeting yu, representative of the unseelie, ended in a scuffle. meeting otohan ended in slaughter. matt didnt even bother with the idea of them fighting lud. that tells me what i need to know..

#CriticalRoleSpoilers when I tell i know its but i desperately want fearne to beseech elmenore for help against sammanar.

“our communication is gonna go dark soon. I’ll see you on the other be safe” “you too” #criticalrolespoilers.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo,#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo by ares ⚧︎ stupid wife era,ares ⚧︎ stupid wife era on twitter tweets #CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo

New plan: dynamite + magic kersplosion (As Imogen & Laudna trade Messages, Tal adds love you to the usual uncanny whispers) #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

Sam is doing BITS for the imodna fandom I owe this man my life #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

Everyone in the cast seems okay except Travis is echoing my feelings exactly “NOPE” #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

when chetney sees a taxidermy wolf on the wall PARDON FLAYED BODIES???? #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo,#CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo by yennefer’s defense attorney,yennefer’s defense attorney on twitter tweets #CriticalRoleSpoilers Photo

Ashton offers to sleep with FCG so they can knock them unconscious if things go wrong. FCG casts the spell on Imogen and Laudna, who are tethered together by their arms, as the party sleeps. #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

ball bearings. always useful. beau would be proud #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

Chetney casts Invisibility on himself, then creeps behind the war party, and throws some ball bearings in the opposite direction. Stealth 25. The Nightmare has turned around, re-entering the pathway. #CriticalRoleSpoilers.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers and the one thing we know for true about elmenore is she takes the protection of her kin, very seriously.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers well fuck but honestly, this is likely to still give them an advantage an explosion from within is never good.

#CriticalRoleSpoilers also its a little thing, right now but not really little if they get away. bells hells have officially declared war on the unseelie court. sabotaged their outpost. spilled their blood. Zathuda likely has seen a few of their faces..

#CriticalRoleSpoilers it really was it was big. you felt it. we just watched a moment that truly mattered..

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