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FINAL: Wisconsin 75 Liberty 71 Chucky Hepburn 27 points Tyler Wahl 16 points, 6 rebounds Steven Crowl 14 points #Badgers will face Oregon/UCF in the NIT quarterfinals..

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Bucky leads Liberty at the break @ChuckyHepburn has a game-high 19 points, while @steven_crowl has 14.

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The #Badgers season rolls on. They beat Liberty in the second round of the NIT. Hepburn: 27 pts (career-high) Wahl: 16 pts, 6 rebs Crowl: 14 pts They’ll get Oregon or UCF..

#Badgers Crowl took blame for loosing his cool in the final minute of the first half. Saluted Hepburn for picking up the slack..

Crowl on the incident near the end of the first half, said he thought the guy pulled him to the ground. Said he obviously reacted poorly..

#Badgers overcome Dharius McGee’s 31 points in intense victory (via @RohanChakrav).

@JimPolzinWSJ Klesmit super clutch. Crowl and Chucky really dominant. Respectable bench help. Got some D when it was needed most but must play better D next game. That McGhee guy was unreal. And the crowd was into it!.

Flames down 3 at the half. Refs are whistle happy. Crowl with 3 fouls and 14 points. Darius with 15. One more half to go..

Ok, so I get that Crowl pushed a guy and it may have been flagrant…but how do you assess a flagrant AND a tech on one action? What am I missing? Was it explained on TV?.

@JimPolzinWSJ Crowl or Wahl need to dunk the damn ball, but they must have “make the extra pass” beaten into their head so much that they’re playing scared.

@jaypo1961 Our hot shooter, oh , we don’t have one. Crowl and Wahl playing atrocious all half. Awful.

Steven Crowl on the shove of the Liberty at the end of the first half: I shouldn’t have reacted how I did. I thought he pulled me down… that’s on me. #Badgers.


@BadgerMBB @steven_crowl what happened to that edge you showed the last few games? Totally manhandled tonight..

@taylorwmj @Evan_Flood You don’t want fire. Dude flopped, twice and pulled Crowl down with him. Bout time someone on this team got fired up.

@JimPolzinWSJ Great defense by the Badgers!! All game long. Much needed since we had maybe 1 three?? Good lesson for Crowl, but nice to see some emotion from him! Two in a row - how about that!!.

@totally_t_bomb What about Liberty player “bumping” Crowl after play? That was more egregious than what Crowl did. At bare minimum you have to match the T’s..

@jaypo1961 Others will disagree but love to see the emotion from Crowl but I guarantee he would not have done that against Edey.

You just know that Michigan fans are waiting to use that sequence by Crowl as another bad-faith reason to call the #Badgers scumbags..

HALFTIME: WISC 37, LIBERTY 34 Chucky Hepburn with 19 points. Steven Crowl with 14 points. Also 3 fouls. Winner advances to the Quarterfinals of the NIT..

Does Gard know he doesn’t get fined if someone fouls out? Get Crowl back in there..

Steven Crowl has a career high 36 Tuesday Chucky Hepburn with a new career high 25 today Regardless how you feel about the NIT, the players care and this can go a long way towards next season.

GAME - Nick Bruesewitz Badgers are advancing to the round of 8 as they defeat Liberty 75-71. Hepburn 27/3/1 Wahl 16/6/0 Crowl 14/2/2 Wisconsin plays the winner of Oregon and UCF in round 3 of the NIT..

Final scoring for the Badgers: Chucky Hepburn 15 (all in first half), Tyler Wahl 12, Connor Essegian 12, Steven Crowl 10, Isaac Lindsey 3, Max Klesmit 2. Badgers shot percent in the first half and percent in the second half to lose by two.

There should be an award for finding the funniest way to lose games. Not scoring for 9 minutes, Gard calling a TO on a scramble play with multiple open guys, only to draw something where Crowl and Wahl play hot potato, was pretty hilarious..

@THEbadgermaniac Better question is how do the refs review the play and not see Crowl getting thrown and hit in the face right before??!!??.

@Da_Cracken Refs helping the Flames by letting the little guy hook Crowl with no repercussion, and putting the big man in foul trouble..

@ASeaofRed That’s actually sustainable if they keep getting every shot within 3 feet of the rim. Gotta draw that 4th foul on Crowl..

@jaypo1961 TV guys are terrible. Liberty defender smacked Crowl in the face as he pulled him to the ground. Nothing..

Sheesh that skip pass from Crowl to Connor in the corner was pretty. Did so right as the double came. #Badgers.

@JimPolzinWSJ Gritty, gutty, ugly, but did what they had to do to get a win. Hepburn, great, Crowl great first half. What a shame that the refs appeared to be from Liberty’s conference. Need to shoot a lot better in the next game to have a chance. Great postseason experience for the young guys.

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