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Well deserved 👏 Saquon is nominated for Comeback Player of the Year and Brian Daboll is up for Coach of the Year.

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Para Coach del Año, muy reñido entre Brian Daboll y Doug Pederson. Mi voto sería para Daboll por lo hecho en los Giants este año..

Despite leading his team to 14 wins and the No. 1 overall seed in the NFC, Eagles’ Nick Sirianni is not a finalist for the AP NFL Coach of the Year award.

@BrendanQ_1999 Pederson: took the worst team in the NFL and made them a playoff team (it’s still daboll but you can’t discredit Doug for what he’s done).

@TheEntertainah I’d be comfortable giving him a fully guaranteed contract for 3 years 30 per. After 2 year rip it up and lock him down for a much higher longer deal if he continues to grow and succeed under Daboll.

Daboll five-win improvement + Divisional Round with a mid QB. SF is so great elsewhere that while I’m impressed by what Shanny has done w/ Brock, it still doesn’t move me like Daboll’s world-class coaching job does.

@Gwoppo_Mac And we let him walk away 😒😒😒 but yeah daboll did great I just don’t see him gettin it.

@lord_brunson Wow he’s not even up for it? I’m fine him not winning it I do think Daboll should win it but to not even be in the race is wild.

Here’s my NFL Awards predictions: MVP: Patrick Mahomes OPOY: Justin Jefferson DPOY: Nick Bosa CPOY: Geno Smith COTY: Brian Daboll OROTY: Garrett Wilson DROTY: Sauce Gardner ACOTY: DeMeco Ryans Thoughts?.

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@thugfruit But Daboll who Nick beat 3 times this season is the favorite 🤷‍♂️.

Crazy how big red isn’t even in the top 5 , but I do see why Daboll and Pederson are up there.

@Mike_InIllinois Jimmy on big money and can’t stay healthy. That’s disrespect? I’m with you. Pederson will be a great choice. As would Daboll..

@craig2835 @JClarkNBCS Daboll is the only reason they win he’s the only reason DJ looks not awful this season.

@BuiltInBuffalo_ @NFL I have to give the nod to Pederson, what a turnaround with basically the same pieces. Brian Daboll would be a close second for the same reason..

@MatthewBerryTMR Giants and 49ers both had easy schedules. 49ers have a stacked roster outside of QB. Giants have a weak roster outside of Lawrence, Thibs, AThomas, Barkley. What Daboll did with DJones, practice squad WRs and what was a bottom 5 OL is incredible..

@MatthewBerryTMR Brian Daboll got the most turnover prone QB (Jones) and turned him into the LEAST turnover prone QB in football..

@JClarkNBCS Pedersen and daboll make sense but Shanahan didn’t do anything special this year.

@GoodhartJustin @shamus_clancy The other three coaches got more out of their lineup adversity: • Daboll inherits a bad NYG team; makes playoffs • Shanahan went through three QBs to a NFC Championship appearance • Pederson led the Jaguars to an improbably comeback win in the playoffs.

How has ZT, a man who took the 31 year playoff drought @bengals to 2 incredible seasons and an insane turnaround not been a HC of the year finalist yet? Either this year or last! What has Sean Mcdermant, Doug Pederson and Brian Daboll done that he hasn’t ? Absolutely ludicrous.

@MatthewBerryTMR Yeah, but imagine what Daboll could do with kitties!.

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@975TheFanatic @AnthonyLGargano Coach of the Year is for cute little stories of overachieving like Daboll and Doug. Sirianni’s goal is the damn trophy..

Quem tá falando que daboll não merece o Coach of The Yeae é maluco, o cara levou o horroroso Giants aos playoffs.

@mickmass7 @MatthewBerryTMR Brian Daboll took his team to the playoffs with almost 40% of the teams’ salary cap allocated to dead cap hits from the Dave Gettleman era and WORSE…Kenny Golladay. He’s the coach of the year. The Eagles were expected to win no less than 12 this year..

@clayharbs82 Sirianni didn’t make it to the final ballot. Daboll, Shanahan, and Pederson are the 3 finalists..

@elnarrador Vote por Shanahan por que creo que fue el mejor pese a perder a 2 QB, Daboll sería la 2da opción ya que hizo bien las cosas en una división donde hubo 3 equipos con récord ganador. Los otros uno con récord perdedor no debería ser considerado y el otro fracaso.

@HeatForLife713 They are about narratives and deservedly so in many cases. Daboll did an insanely great job coaching a roster bereft of talent. Doug probably saved Lawrence’s career. Nick was great, but I do believe these guys did a bit more considering their challenges..

it should go to Doug or Daboll if i’m being objective — Dougie for resurrecting the Jags..

@MySportsUpdate Has to be Daboll, right? Taking the roster they had before he took over to where they got to, in arguably the toughest division in.

Entendo quem defende Brian Daboll como o treinador do ano, mas para mim é Kyle Shanahan, com certa tranquilidade..

@NotTheeWillHill I had Daboll pre season, got Siriani to hedge at +225 and now this Shannahan character. 😂🥲.

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