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Bad news for all those at home, it appears Dan Dakich will be on the call on ESPN2 He’ll at least be calling the Texas-GTown game.

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I hope Dan Dakich isn’t a analyst for the Duke/Cali game. He is anti-Duke to the core and only talks about the Big Ten. His opinions are crap and don’t know why espn still has him under contract.

@Hoyas247 It has been very obvious at numerous points that neither Dan Dakich nor the studio crew have watched a single second of Georgetown basketball tape this season..

Dan Dakich is on the call for the games in New York tonight. Two choices, watch it on mute or try out espn deportes..

reminder: Dan Dakich thinks Chris Farley was unfunny. this isn’t a joke tweet made to underscore what a massive ballbag Dakich is. it’s an actual fact that underscores what a massive ballbag Dakich is..

Anyone else notice that Dan Dakich’s commentary is limited to who’s playing harder, and that’s about it..

“It’s not easy to get a good shot against Georgetown.” Boy do I have some news for you, Dan Dakich..

Fun fact Duke fans- Dan Dakich blocked me on my last account in 2015 for telling him to shut up lmaooo.

@espn why is Dan Dakich still commentating games? May switch my channel to @ESPNDeportes so I don’t have to hear him if he’s doing the Duke as well.

@CodyDanielSBN Dan Dakich has never been wrong so pretty easy to see who’s wrong here! 🙄.

It was 6:40 into the Texas/Georgetown game before Dakich (hi Dan!) mentioned Michael Jordan. O/U was 7 minutes, so if you took the under, congrats!.

Would like to enjoy the Texas Georgetown game but I have to turn the volume off because I can’t listen to Dan Dakich!.

Is Dan Dakich going to pass Bill Walton as my least favorite #NCAAB announcer this seems like it..

College hoops just sounds better on TV when Bill Raftery or Dan Dakich are handling the color-analyst duties 🏀🏀.

Nothing will make me move faster than going to reach for the remote when I see Dan Dakich is announcing a game.

@HunnaTheCreator @NoHoHenry Dan Dakich’s skin is thinner than the toilet paper Dan Dakich touched that was covered in bob knights shit.

Bad news for all those at home, it appears Dan Dakich will be on the call on ESPN2 He’ll at least be calling the Texas-GTown game.

@NoHoHenry I need to issue a public apology to Dan Dakich. This tweet about Dan Dakich was in poor taste and not at all necessary. It’s not Dan Dakich’s fault his skin is made of paper and his own tears are a threat to his well-being. Not Dan Dakich’s fault he’s a big ole F word.

@HunnaTheCreator Don’t make fun of him. You know how sensitive Dan Dakich is. You wouldn’t want Dan Dakich to see this tweet and lose sleep and have a few tears about it. Dan Dakich always searches “Dan Dakich” so you know he will find it. Delete this tweet about Dan Dakich. Dan Dakich.

Dan Dakich is a cry baby bitch and i can’t wait for him to see this tweet when he searches his name in twitter like a schizo.

Best of The Morning After, 11/21/19 | Dan Dakich stops by the studio.

Oh Dan Dakich is going to break things down on ESPN2 while I wait for my next game? HARD MUTE.

Dan Dakich the moment he laid his eyes on Duncan Robinson:.

Pro tip: Georgetown fans need to sync up the radio call for the Texas game tomorrow. Go all in on @HoyasWin as Dan Dakich will on the ESPN2 broadcast..

In honor of him getting his Twitter account back, here’s the link to listen to our episode of the @DriveTheLanePod featuring the legendary @dandakich:.

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