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Daniel Jones even faked out the camera man on this one 😅 (via @Giants)

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Moeez ()

I swear no other team makes Daniel Jones look like a top 6 pick but when he plays us he’s prime Manning with Lamar mobility

Michele best
Michele best ()

@JPFinlayNBCS Sticking with Daniel Jones beginning to pay off for them. Us on the other hand - need a new offensive coordinator.

⚜️ 3-2
⚜️ 3-2 ()

Ayo Daniel Jones out the burners on the “football team” defense and the camera man 😂😂😂

David Fasso
David Fasso ()

@JPFinlayNBCS So what was the huge difference with him and Haskins? Awful throw, can’t take that sack, not to mention our secondary is awful at best and Daniel Jones was getting separation running away from Collins. Smh just bad man.

Burpie ()

Daniel Jones has NO WINS this year & is on his 2nd coach but STILL HAS A JOB! Haskins is 3rd string

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Daniel Jones even faked out the camera man on this one 😅 (via @Giants)

Mike ()

I just woke up from a nap and Daniel Jones still doesn’t have a passing touchdown against one of the worst defenses in the league. Lmao.

Quarantine Wolf
Quarantine Wolf ()

@DavisMattek @LateRoundQB Assuming Beathard is named the new starter, would you drop Daniel Jones for him in superflex? Jones is my third QB behind Lamar and Josh Allen. Thanks!

Alyssa ()

FYI any other team in the NFL would’ve benched Daniel Jones by and no, we don’t have a good backup, but Kaep “isn’t blacklisted” right?

Breezymr.b#1️⃣7️⃣⚾ ()

The weekly Daniel Jones fumble / strip sack ☑️ 🤷‍♂️🤦 #GiantsPride #NYGiants

Blake ()

@soccerlube No sir. He’s been on the field a lot though, no targets. Half the time Daniel Jones is getting pressured

TopShelfBoxedWine ()

High risk. High but putting Daniel Jones in over Jared Goff is so dumb of me 😑😑

Tokyo Cyber 8man
Tokyo Cyber 8man ()

I gave up on Daniel Jones after that fluke game against Tampa but Giants management loves mediocre ass qbs

Eddie Rodriguez
Eddie Rodriguez ()

Somebody needs to run up on Daniel Jones like this. Friday Night Lights (1/10) Movie CLIP - Get Off the Field, Dad (2004) HD via @YouTube

daniel jones
Daniel jones ()

daniel jones has had more fumbles his whole career but y’all wanted to pass on dwayne haskins

Eddy ()

@rjochoa Here I fixed it: - Dak Prescott - Cedrick Wilson - Andy Dalton - Jalen Hurts - Daniel Jones - Alex Smith - Carson Wentz

Gildz ()

Pat Shurmur was a terrible HC. No denying that. But he also got way more out of Daniel Jones then Joe Judge has thus far. Clear regression for DD.

Tomén Agua Pa’ La Dieta
Tomén Agua Pa’ La Dieta ()

I don’t understand why Daniel Jones is still playing , the team is winless, can we see someone else ?

OSB 💫 ()

@SportsCenter @NFL They Already Have A Drink In Dallas Called The “We scored a TD on The New York Giants Who Have Daniel Jones at QB”

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