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#DarwinDay Popular Tweets On Twitter

How Twitter Reacted On #DarwinDay ?

#DarwinDay Popular Tweets On Twitter.

#DarwinDay -

  • For #DarwinDay, here are answers to the most common arguments raised against evolution. https://t.co/gOIzcDhj5T

  • In celebration of #DarwinDay, please donate to my Foundation which operates @rdfrsTIES– a program that is making a serious impact on how evolution is taught in American public middle schools. https://t.co/2dxLU6TZcn https://t.co/aO7bDdsIDB

  • Pioneering naturalist Charles Darwin was born #onthisday in 1809. His groundbreaking 1859 work ‘On the Origin of Species’ had a profound influence on scientific thought in the 19th century and beyond #DarwinDay https://t.co/JLDIwSEcui

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  • Happy #DarwinDay everyone! Today in 1809, Charles Darwin was born. 50 years later– he published one of the most revolutionary and impactful ideas in the history of humanity: Evolution by means of natural selection. #evolutionistrue#science https://t.co/TVrgQEtVzw

  • Today is #DarwinDay, so here are a few facts: 1. Evolution is real, & we can observe it happening in real time. 2. The Earth is ~4.54 billion years old, & the universe is ~13.8 billion. 3. Humans share ~50% of our genes with bananas. #science #evolution #facts #bananas

  • SPECIAL ELECTIONS: MONDAY, Feb. 12 ✅Denny McNamara, MN SD54 ✅Jeremy Munson, MN HD23B TUESDAY, Feb 13 ✅James Buchanan, FL HD72 ✅John Lahood, GA HD175 ✅Casey Murdock, OK SD27 #MondayMotivation #DarwinDay

  • When Charles Darwin was sent a specimen of the Madagascan Christmas star orchid, he predicted that since the nectar was at the bottom of the long flower spur, a pollinator must exist with a tongue as long as the spur - 41 years later, such a moth was discovered! #DarwinDay https://t.co/0bP61CYnsb

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  • Yes, it was four decades later that we won the case against anti-evolution laws. We play the long game. #DarwinDay https://t.co/lTL02ELEaj https://t.co/BLna8SDEfQ

  • For #DarwinDay, we bring you an interview with the man himself https://t.co/NlEbX2X4oI https://t.co/cztK1ihj1g

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  • A few fun facts about Charles Darwin for #DarwinDay: • he was a med-school dropout • his dad telling him he was worthless was one of the reasons he went on the Beagle voyage • he was an abolitionist • he supported #WomeninScience • he had a chronic illness • he loved plants https://t.co/pqUDR6XqZA

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  • Darwin thought evolution was too slow to change the environment on observable timescales—ecologists are discovering that he was wrong. https://t.co/ciYZdu0leE #DarwinDay https://t.co/eP8Vuw6Fqh

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