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Americans are taking action on their own in the absence of presidential leadership. Dateline:

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Mrs.Cold ()

Semalem dapet orderan kilat banget, dateline cuma 2 jam, punggung pegel kaya abis offroad ke sukawana. Disuruh buat desain baru, plek plek semuanya dengan referensi dari 2 desain sebelumnya. Dasar aku ngeyel, ga tahan pengen rubah beberapa poin info nya juga 😅

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Ricardo Menéndez ()

If you ever wondered what our frontline work (pre-lockdown) at AAAP looks like this SBS Dateline documentary gives you a good insight. Very thankful to have the Dateline crew at our office at the beginning of the year <3 miss the AAAP whānau.

Joanna Hernández, LMT. ()

Not sorry to say this, but I really don’t care about Dave and his flippant attitude. He couldn’t say something compassionate about Cari, instead of himself? Carri’s mom, son and family are the real victims. #Dateline

DanaSan ()

Carrie had a random encounter with a total stranger, which led to a random encounter with his ex-girlfriend, which led to her death. Death can come to any of us any time in any way. Never take life for granted, it could end at any time. #Dateline

Anne LaBarbera ()

It’s really awful to falsely accuse someone but to kill someone and then defame them is beyond evil. #Dateline

Berriewine ()

Well at least now we can legitimately hate Dave. “It always makes sense at the end! The Tarantino movie”. Are you kidding me? #Dateline

Dateline NBC ()

Prosecutor Brenda Beadle and Cari’s mother, Nancy, react to Liz’s sentence #Dateline

Blackstarprivateye ()

The first place you check when someone is murdered is Walmart. Everyone goes there. #Dateline

Joy Reid ()

Americans are taking action on their own in the absence of presidential leadership. Dateline:

ㅁㅈㅇ¹⁵⁰⁹🤘🏻 ()

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Snowanderlust Malaysia GO ✨ // GA 📌 ()

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Dateline Dawgs ()

Thanks for sharing your adorable #Dateline pets tonight. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones! We hope you all have a happy, healthy weekend. Sweet dreams. 💙 Drummer

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Linda Rogers ()

I always watch #DateLine with you Rex. That guy was creepy and evil. I still wonder what made him snap. Any ideas Rex?

Tammy D. ()

Be safe everyone. We’ve made it to April. Maybe May will be better. 🙏🏻#Dateline

DoneWithGreys ()

G’night, #Dateline peeps, and much tanks to @dateline_dennis for telling Teresa’s story so well. Much appreciation to @DatelineNBCprod for giving us two COVID-free hours. 😊


Be safe out there, see y’all tomorrow. Make sure you remember the snacks. 👋🏾#Dateline

Linda D. Merkerson ()

Well Twitter buds, I pray we meet again next Friday for another outstanding episode of Dateline! Please stay healthy, stay safe, stay home! #Dateline

Nita Bug ()

Great to shower and change into my night pjs. Til next week y’ well #Dateline

Berriewine ()

Just think, if Mark has just skipped Curtis Wayne Wright’s wedding, none of them would’ve been caught! #Dateline

People Are Wild Podcast ()

This jabroni saying his kids are about to lose their daddy. You helped murder their mother. Take a seat on death row. #dateline

Honest Sinner ()

Daaaaaamn! This was a wild one. So scary and sad that these small minded people think that death is their “only way out” of a strained marriage. So disgusting #Dateline

Rayford ()

Goodnight all, stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong. Call your loved ones. Until next time. #Dateline

Tia tamera ()

I liked the judge’s response “I judge people actions, not their souls” well said. #dateline

Mary Ann Van Osdell ()

#dateline I can’t stand the husband’s attorney. Might have played a role in my juror decision.

Andy Beshear Stan account ()

This interview took place with police and no one even questioned it or seemed flummoxed by it. #Dateline

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Marge ()

My snack for tonight! As long as they are “reduced fat”, why not go for the family size?? 🤣😂😜 #Dateline

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B a r b a r a a n n 🛫 🌎💫 ()

@sazzollini @DatelineNBC Detective Levitt deserves an Oscar for keeping a straight face. #Dateline

Elle Jones ❤️👩‍⚕️💛⚕️💚🏥💙🧑🏽‍⚕️💜 ()

Is there anything more embarrassing than a police interview in your skivvies that will later be aired on national TV?? #Dateline Yikes!

Hesouttamylife ()

Wow I was thinking the same thing 😳 This Wayne and Mark are doppelgangers #Dateline

Dateline NBC ()

Counting down to an all-new 2-hour #Dateline at 9/8c. Only three hours to go. You in?

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