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  • damn datsik is rapey thats crazy never would have expected that i mean he carries a pound of horse tranquilizers everywhere he obviously cares a lot about horses i just figured he was a good caring dude.

  • On the real.. https://t.co/BAvQzzZDyP.

    Datsik twitter.
  • Post coming soon 😞.

  • RE: Datsik & other scum bags If you or anyone you know for that matter even entertains the idea that any woman *deserved* sexual assault or abuse because she was a “groupie” or eager to meet an artist backstage, you’re honestly no better..

  • HEADBANGERS UNITE! Introducing our Heavy Dubstep Drops Playlist on @Spotify with tracks from @TrampaMusic, @Borgore, @Excision, @Datsik, @GetterOfficial, @Zomboy, @Virtual_Riot, @GCUK_ and many, many more! Listen now: https://t.co/WWVy9HdV01 https://t.co/MLkReQM1f0.

    Datsik twitter.
  • I honestly feel like a lot more dis have done what datsik is being accused of.

  • ur just as much of trash as datsik is https://t.co/62sh3Xmh84.

  • on the real... I’m a bullshit reader....and this is bullshit https://t.co/Giqb4QZZhf.

  • Imagine having a @datsik tattoo lol.

  • #MeToo #DATSIK https://t.co/XKyN2Bcidl.

    Datsik twitter.
  • I really hope this shit about Datsik isn’t true, was really looking forward to going to your show..

  • @babyobs I hope he is but ya Datsik is donezo. Probably won’t ever listen to his music again.

  • @bwiyurin @datsik literally same.

  • @schwiftyash @datsik Depends....you a vibe reader or nah?.

  • If today hurts my reputation and potential to work in the industry then so be it. I believe Space Jesus is in the clear but, I don’t believe Datsik no matter what he says. Nothing adds up from his apology..

  • @datsik Datsik I’m so sorry you’re being shamed for all of this.. LOVE your music & swag and wouldn’t ever listen to allegations made against you without any proof.. a true fan would stand by your side on this matter. Keep makin bomb ass beats & being a bad ass🤘🏼❤️ #NinjaNation.

  • @nikkiskowron @brookamberr @Hope_widner05 @808ROSS @datsik So what’s that supposed to mean ? That means they were drugged before they were raped !!! I’m sorry but that’s a ridiculous comment to make ! Being under the influence of anything doesn’t change the reality of the situation! So they were drugged and raped !!!.

  • @HighLikeAmber @datsik @SpaceJesusBASS @datsik @SpaceJesusBASS watch your following shrink due to your own actions, or lack their of..

  • @WhoInvitedPorq @insomniacevents @datsik @djcarnage Tell em 😂.

  • .. be taking advantage of you like when u are intoxicated. I hope all that makes excuses for rape burn in hell bc u are disgusting and @datsik is disgusting we go to shows to feel happy and free and hear our fave dj but now u ruined it all (:.

  • @tokio94_ @Kurriizmatic @datsik I was a huge fan. Dude made straight bangers . And he always had awesome sets but he threw that all away. What a loser.

  • Damnnnnn @datsik. Smh. If this shits trueee. 😔.

  • @trilly_milly @datsik 😂😂😂.

  • i am so distraught by these accusations, but unless they are proven untrue than this is how it has to be @datsik https://t.co/EgiSjnDgnw.

  • All this fuss about #datsik just shows we must always be aware of our surroundings, and not everyone is as good as they may seem. Just be careful out there mates 😞 and if you ever see a female/male in an uncomfortable position please attempt to help!!.

  • @SnoriiTorii @SdStrobe @Hope_widner05 @808ROSS @brookamberr @datsik i saw another post from facebook about someone who witnessed this girl going onto the bus completely blasted.

  • @KaseyOfTheDead @datsik Thank you.. a fucking men!! There is litterally NO proof except stories.. and one girl he messaged and let her know what happened after she woke up at her moms house.. all these chicks that were “hurt” by him are he ones who still went too all his shows since. Real proof or GTFO.

  • @syn_tactic @datsik well yeah untill then lol, like i said its 50/50 haha but whha??? u been living under a rock smh🙄😂 he been on lol people just too sensitive af nowadays lmao but oh well lol me vale lol.

  • @datsik crazy 😱😱.

  • @datsik has done shit and it’s not right,Don’t agreebut that makes you think what other artist have done this.. but also some of these tweets make no sense lol “ he’s was nice until I got kicked out” so you enjoyed the sex and drugs before you got kicked out and stranded? 🤔🧐.

  • goodbye career datsik https://t.co/SO9ERvWVKs.

  • @datsik Incoming ninja rant.

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