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DeRay thought it was gonn b light work tonight cause it’s an R&B night 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Odd discrepancy from Mayor Frey’s office. I was told activist DeRay Mckesson, Campaign Zero “repeatedly” reached out offering help on a new warrant policy. But emails seem to show Frey contacted 1st. And note the date! The relationship began 7 months BEFORE Amir Locke shooting.

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Deray: shut the fuck up Mario: YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STARTED THIS SHIT #Verzuz 😂😂😂.

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Mario talked so much shit but Omarion deserved it 😂 Ray J is the funniest nigga alive. Deray fired..


Damn… it really is a big ass gap between Tank-->Mario->DeRay-> everyone else who sang tonight..

Everybody that got on that stage tonight should be a little bit embarrassed. Even Deray..

DeRay don’t need to host not another damn thing cause this foo can’t control nothing 😂😂😂😂 #verzuz.

How was Omarion vs Mario y’all? I had to go to sleep after the DeRay said they was otw smh.

@ChrisTurntUp_ @yourfavauntieee they had Deray Davis tryna keep us up with terrible ass jokes. omg it was terrible… Mario was being shady all night. Omarion couldn’t hear himself so he sounded like ass. Mario had the bitches panties wet. it was a lot to take it lol..

I am in here hollering at these niggas. They knew it was going to be comedy cuz Deray hosting….

This gotta be the sexiest versuz ever! Everybody fine as hell including DeRay #Verzuz.

I’m still stuck Deray said Bobby need some water for that jacket it’s real flowery 😂😂😂.

Médecin de nuit reçoit le prix Jacques-Deray du meilleur film policier #Deray.

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All these dudes are at 4 different stages of being drunk and it’s pure chaos #verzuz…and here come poor Deray again 😂.

Deray can leave with them. I don’t want to hear him or the djs voices during Omarion and Mario. #verzuz #verzuztv.

Im CRYING they still on the stageee. Deray trying his best to end this shit. 😭😭😭 #verzuz.

Poor can’t them Niggas off stage 😂 Omarion & Mario never coming out..

😂😂😂😂 deray been trying to get them off for 30 min.

@_lilmisslex Yes, they must smell musty like DeRay said because he put them in his pocket 😂.

Mario & Omarion Roast Each Other In Verzuz Promotional Video Featuring DeRay Davis.

Don’t get me wrong I think he’s a nice person. But even still I feel like he was doing a little too much on some parts. And then the way he told the DeRay stfu it was a lil too aggressive..

Why tf I thought Tank was Deray in the background real quick 🤣🤣 & Mario is soooo petty 🤣.

@verzuzonline The djs was talking all over the performance like dj who ever u are and DeRay shut up 🤐.

Shout out to DeRay he was the BEST HOST Verzuz ever had so far.

DeRay Davis funny as hell Nigga said “I wanna see all the IMAGINARY strippers out there” 😆.

4 hrs of entertainment is kinda worthy the wait right??? Lol like y’all got y’all money worth…..I know deray getting a fat check for this extra waiting.

@oooGGOooo @PinguoinSecours Certainement pas Veran, Delfraissy, Deray, Lacombe, Megarbanne, Hill, Marty, Hamon et toutes cette clique de manipulateurs corrompus.

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@DurraniViews Sir g , yeah kamean ka he nhi in sb ka kam hy zara dalil ki baat kerein yeah block kr deray hein chay wo sarkari hajan ho, Gharida, salim lifafi, shahzeb kodu, every whatsapp 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

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