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A new grocery store opened in the Linwood-Dexter area of Detroit on Saturday, offering fresh produce and healthy options to an area previously lacking in such options..

Don’t ever disrespect Dexter like this….Dexter put work in since a Jit.

@666melvin666 Ross kill Ethan, I don’t know it’s make me “you did Ross” or “sorry Ethan but you kill Radford and Dexter” x’v.

Dexter killed 144 people while working at a police station and never got caught. Joe killed 13 people and got caught like 6 times.

@right_dexter Я ВАМ ЗАЗДРЮ!!! Бо я вже років 10 кожного четверга хожу в сауну, але пропустила аже три рази і я дуже зла з цього приводу!!! Хай там що, а цей четвер я не пропущу!.

This is such a terrible comparison. Dexter is a psychopath and Joe is a sociopath. Two different kind of killers. One kills because he enjoys killing. The other doesn’t..

don’t disrespect dexter like this again please 🤦🏾‍♀️.

Dexter was courageous enough to kill n has to up his hame on how he spies on his prey.

Literally no comparison the disrespect to Dexter. Mf used to keep blood samples from his victims in the air conditioner vent and take them out every now and again just to look at them and reminisce..

@jaerenee_ Let’s talk about this. I was so pissed they killed his character off to make room for his son. Like y’all couldn’t leave dexter alive & just make new story with his son?.

Dexter and it’s not even close… who do you know works for the police department and kills everyone who skated justice and was never caught even with allegations and proof?.

@kodekaldwin @jaerenee_ Joe improved a little in new season but Dexter was trained to take out people like It would take him half a day to have him in a table wrapped in plastic 🤧.

@firon1983 Hi Dexter, unfortunately this is the world we live in. Everyday we receive at least 5-10 calls of abandoned or stray dogs over here in Bulgaria. A lot of people throw out their unwanted pets. However, we are doing our best to change that and believe we will succeed :).

Aye man… Dexter actively searched for and killed murders and rapist while working for the it don’t get more grimy than that.

@Queen_Ang1676 You gotta rewatch dexter because man is methodical as fuck. He’d out maneuver Joe quite quickly imo. Plus he has all the law enforcement training to cover his tracks..

@jaerenee_ I think it’s important to note almost everybody he killed deserved to die lmao (I think) also the reboot was important, Dexter was a killer for the block, the killer he came across while living isolated was a sick fuck who collected all his bodies like Barbie’s and displayed them.


Dexter ofc…But he’s not Barry!!🙆🏾‍♂️.

Dexter Photo,Dexter Photo by RJ8,RJ8 on twitter tweets Dexter Photo

Dexter worked for the police department and was slaughtering dudes right under their nose in between getting Cuban sandwiches, bowling, and raising kids..

@LegalSojourner @yumcoconutmilk “US” was a hybrid of psychological Horror and Thriller. Dexter and Swarm favor due to the driving motivation of the character was “justified killing”/“rationalized violence”..


Joe is the type of nigga dexter likes to kill. I would enjoy watching an season about this 😂.


When y’all make this comparison, I already know y’all ain’t even seen Dexter😂.

Dexter - Pressure 🇬🇧 L’impression de revivre ma jeunesse (j’ai 24 ans).

I never watched you but no one can compare to dexter crazy ass.


@jussBash_ It’s a good show it’s just terrible at the same time 😭 cus I’m like a hard core Dexter fan so I just was excited and disappointed at the end. Like Harrison made me proud then he disappointed me. Lmfao.

@RealClancyBrown He was one of a kind. Terrible loss. BTW, you were great in Dexter First Blood and Billions as Judge Jeffcoat!.

@AnakinTheRuler Joe bodies mostly women, Dexter got serial killers and grown men bodies on his resume Joe ain’t winning no 1 v 1.

@ImJaream theyre either just asking for interactions or they never watched dexter 😂😂.

@TheSportsGuru91 @Reggie_Bflo I mean it was the same proday. They just also brought him in for a meeting too. Similar to what will happen with dawand jones. And probably Dexter and Torrence at florida..

@Georgi_1327 Sé por donde vas pero es un genocida que intenta imponer sus (como poco poquísimo) cuestionables valores y capaz de matar y poner en peligro la vida de su propia familia para ello. Como con Breaking Bad o Dexter, mola seguir su historia pero es villano villanísimo.

Dexter literally offs men like Joe as a warm-up for the real serial k*llers.

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