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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 05:38 AM IST

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From what I hear, the Jalen Ramsey/DHop vaccine conversation is more widespread than many think. I expect the NFL will have a different protocol for the regular season for all the hesitant players. #NFL

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@PapaSmurfPizza And I’m far from anti-vaccine… but at the end of the day you can’t change everyone’s mind and you certainly can’t force someone to do something they don’t want to do. I stand by pro-choice for abortion for the same reason i wouldn’t try to control what dhop puts in his body

@lillsosa_5 @DeAndreHopkins Dhop if you retire you already a legend in my books nun left to prove😂

Let’s have a fun thought experiment. Let’s pretend DHop opted out of the season, what would happen to the Cards offense? Who would eat?

Mans just trying to make sure he doesn’t have to play against Dhop twice a season lmao

@UncleBubba_88 @sondraa Lol Cards fans that thought this was there year gonna shit there pants when DHop don’t play because of this.

@HC_PARDUE If I wasn’t going to the game I really would be 🤣 I want to see Larry DHop AJ green Julio and AJ brown on the same field 😩 gonna b legendary

@RushedMyLuck @K1ToHop Yeah, the dhop fan crowd here in az def just got split. Wish he didnt say anything 😹 Idgaf tho, still my WR1 🤷‍♂️

@seattlerams_nfl Take your time DHop. Don’t rush into anything. A year off and COVID won’t be an issue.

@TrustTheProsas @PFF Big fax, mad respect for DHop for sharing his opinions even when you know people are gonna try and cancel him for em.


@DeAndreHopkins None of us fans know you as the person dhop, we know you as the player. All we care about is the organization’s success. If you help the team, we like you. If you don’t, then we don’t want you. Dosent mean we don’t respect you,but don’t mistake your fans for your family & friends

@TheMMQBL Darnold throwing to DHop and Beasley will be their Aikman throwing to Irvin and Harper

@BENBALLER Shut your mouth and talk about #dogecoin and leave DHOP alone. Look it 🆙

The NFL should not be able to essentially force vaccines on their players. Good for DHop for having his own opinion.

From what I hear, the Jalen Ramsey/DHop vaccine conversation is more widespread than many think. I expect the NFL will have a different protocol for the regular season for all the hesitant players. #NFL

🗣say it LOUDER for those at the back, down the sides and those simply not paying attention DHop 🗣 More high profile figures need to have the bravery to make a stand like this. Lifting weights with a big olde set o bollocks and a physical advantage against women is not “brave”

@danpassapera Not getting the vaccine is a selfish decision. I love DHop, but requiring the vaccine is becoming a standard practice. Acting like this is abnormal or even wrong is willful ignorance. All that being said there’s zero world Dhop retires or is actually thinking of retiring.

@MySportsUpdate No one wants to talk about the 50k people who have died from the vaccine. So yea, DHop is allowed to make his own decision on his body!

If DHop retires early then the Texans somehow win this trade.

The league existed before DHop it will exist after DHop. Im starting to think they are afraid of needles.

@DeAndreHopkins @NFL Cards supporter and a supporter of free thought. Do you Dhop ✊🏻

y’all gonna turn on DHop??🥴🥴🥴 My respect for DHop: 📈📈📈

@MySportsUpdate I hope big time players like Dhop or mahommes or Brady boycott. Watch the nfl fold like little bitches. Cause as usual it has nothing to do with science

Love you DHop but this is bigger than one individual. Go get vaccinated.

Gonna be weird seeing more players publicly go against common sense when it comes to these vax rules cause I doubt DHop is the only one, ugh

Don’t forget this: getting the vaccine DOES NOT MAKE YOU IMMUNE TO GETTING IT! I know multiple people, including a couple in my family who got the vaccine and still got the virus. It’s pointless. Unless they make an actual CURE, don’t get it DHop. Make a statement.

@big_business_ Suns just lost the finals and the Cardinals might be without DHop in that tough ass division. Ik Arizona sports fans going thru it rn

@Alex78MK The problem with this position is that it’s not like today’s policy decision made the issue he’s complaining of a reality. It would be the reality if there was no policy. If Dhop is out with covid and his team plays, his team is hurt.


Didn’t expect this from DHop lol. Texans won the trade after all

First the catch against the bills and now this. DHop is my favorite Wide Reciever not on the jets

I’m a better wideout than DHop. I don’t cost a team production before I even step on the field

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