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DHop is at a point in his career where he just wants to go somewhere that he can win @JJWatt #PMSLive.

@TapaNava Cooks es un WR bastante subestimado, 6 temporadas de 1000 yardas en 9 años, es el más joven de los 3 (OBJ y DHop) y solo costó dos picks del 3er día del draft. Muy buen movimiento..

Cooks wanted to be traded, so the Texans had no leverage, dhop has said he would still want to play here, I like that Bidwell looked at the situation and was like we’re open to trading dhop but no one wants to pay the price of a number 1 option even as he’s aging he’s still top 5.

I’m sure the flirtation with OBJ is over in #Dallas it just doesn’t make sense at this point. Dhop is another story, I totally think it’s still plausible & a good move. Cooks addition basically fills Noah Brown’s void but doesn’t complete the room.

@JGB2412 @SavageSports_ Denver will have to take the best offer and 46 out of the other teams in on DHop and Jeudy don’t have better than that in 2nd round. They ain’t getting a 1st that’s for sure. So a 2nd and 1 of our many 6th round picks we got.

@BrownSpiderCLE @YouTube I know who Akins is. I sae his play when I watched all the Houston Texans games after we traded for Watson. Trust me when I say I have had a lot of ppl tell me that even on the offensive of the ball Houston was trash except for Watson, and Dhop when he was there. Rest trash.

😂😂😂😂😂 they swore they were getting DHop & Odell..

@PhillyEaglesDen @Cowboys_FanTalk Because they’re obbessed with dhop and an injury prone obj.

@ArrowheadLive Odell or dhop would be ideal but Ill settle for charks speed in our offense as well.

@1053SS DHop and OBJ are bigger names and will sell jerseys. Cooks will bring the same productivity and has only missed 3 games in a 7 year career..

@nohoesmanual bro y’all had JJ watt,tyrann mathieu,Dhop,Jadeveon Clowney and they all left cause that place is a hell hole. It sucks gehy we’re wasting time being there…wasting their careers away.

@ChiefsConnect Oh no doubt but I just think it is hilarious that our fan base just likes the idea of OBJ or DHop and not looking at what it does to the cap or draft capital. The Chiefs should be looking to draft the next OBJ or DHop. But you are right let’s see what happens.🤷🏽‍♂️.

@lord_brunson I agree that dhop is the best of the three but OBJ is done 2 ACL tears in 3 years? If he signs for 20$ and some Newports maybe.

@Maclawre @karnsies817 I did a comp of Amari, Jeudy and Dhop. (Check tweets). Amari and Jeudy are very comparable. Dhop (yes sus 6 games) was worse than both. I can’t help but jeudy and DPJ would be a great young core..

Would i rather see obj or dhop in dallas … yes but cooks still good , faster and prolly cost cheaper.

Seeing all the #CowboysNation fans crying about Cooks & not DHop just makes me want the #NewEnglandPatriots to get him more. I believe BB is waiting for the price to drop..

Sooo OBJ is out of the Dallas sweepstakes, so is DHop! Bill what are you gonna do? It’s just picks 🙄 we don’t need 11 ROOKIES trade them picks!!! #Patriots.

Crying abut not getting Dhop. Do you know what we’d have to give up to get him? Especially IF they’re considering OBJ.

Brandin Cooks is better for the Cowboys than OBJ or DHop would be. Dude is criminally underrated just because he’s been traded a million times but he can play. Glad he gets a chance to show out. I think he’ll be a good #2 opposite CeeDee.

The Cowboys get Cooks and that’s a nice pickup. Hopefully, we aren’t done. Maybe DHop possibly still?.


Who would you want on the team more right now? DHop, and giving away a 4th this year and 5th next year, or JJ3?.

@ShowTime_32 @PDiddy8043 Cooks is average at best. Should have made a deal for DHop..

@zackeisen21 The value for either depends heavily on the medicals. My guess is DHop has a cleaner outlook there..

@SavageSports_ If the patriots don’t get dhop I don’t know how I will feel. We need a tall jumpball reciever . Parker isn’t in his prime anymore.

@primetimecar Feels like they’re in a tough-spot with figuring out salary-cap (17m - Rookies + Roster fill), & don’t want to overpay for a WR2 so prob offered 4-5m to Chark/Thielen (who prob want 7-8m) and would love DHop or OBJ (who are/want 15m) but don’t want to go higher than $10-12m..

@Chiefs Chiefs need a veteran receiver. Rookies do nothing in this offense. OBJ, Thielan or trade for Dhop..

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