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Stefon Diggs going off for 316 yards, 4 TDs and 2 ice cold bud heavies smashed off his head tonight.

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JaMarr Chase ate Trevon Diggs’ lunch money all day long. I mean just completely victimized him. Diggs only way of stopping him was to interfere with him and he did it twice and it didn’t get called.

#Props Brown (-120) .5u ✅ Tate (-120) .5u ✅ Cooper (-120) ✅ Kirk (-120) .5u ✅ Diggs (-120)✖️ OBJ (-120) .5u✖️ 💠 4-2 +.7u.

@MikeZimmersEars Did I say he lost the game? All unsaid he overthrew Diggs on a very important 3rd down.

@shelby_nickey2 @JPTV24 according to your logic stefon diggs is better than dhop because he has more yards.

we could’ve really used Josh Doctson tonight. our pass attempts I feel like are either going to Diggs, the TE or Cook.

@MikeZimmersEars Diggs got too cute on the route. Kirk expected him to be headed up field already. He also got jammed hard knocking him off his route.

@purplebuckeye Diggs was doing something extra there cause that ball was out which leads me to believe Cousins thought he would be deeper down field sooner Still could have been a bad throw but the WR needs to be there.

@BenSansaver @EvanHillSEA Agreed, and if diggs plays well in the nickel vs San Fran I like our chances, among other things.

@SkolToTheBowl Nah bruh Diggs reminds me of Stevie Johnson always gotta add that lil sauce.

@MrChrisArnold Let’s let their best player best Us. Another reason why Garrett blows. Should do everything you can to stop cook and diggs leave else wide open if you have to. Make cousins beat you with no names.

There is no doubt in my mind that Thielen without Diggs is better than Diggs without Thielen. #Vikings.

@moneyjigg313 I need Diggs to get loose this next possession. Cowboys doubling him every play huh.

@ChadGraff What the heck was that play. Hit a single no need for a home run. Diggs let himself get pushed outside too.

WTF is Diggs doing? Run the pattern Cousins does not have time for extra moves.

3rd and 7 and the Vikings have two plays: 1. 3 yard dump off to CJ Ham 2. 40 yard chuck deep to Diggs There is no middle route..

@dallascowboys In summary 7 RB screens for 100 yards and one bomb to Diggs. 17-14 Viks. Why can’t they defend a screen???????.

@eric_j_thompson He just demonstrated what his ruling was. Diggs returned the favor. I’m fine here..

Free play and you check it down to Ham? Just roll out and buy some time or do something! Maybe Diggs turns it upfield and air it out..

@PEricks27844552 We should have taken a shot to diggs in the end zone. However if Mike Zimmer would hire a time management coach and we had all 3 timeouts I would have been fine with that check down to Irv..

@Justin_Rogers He’s been v good this year. Don’t think it’s a coincidence though that the secondary has been brutal since dealing Diggs. Granted Walker got hurt, but makes the trade even more mind-numbing..

Got Diggs, Dalvin, Amari going in various leagues. 4 TDS first half. 0 to these three guys. Ugh..

I’m gunna miss the playoffs with Kamara, Saquon, mike Evans, Stephon diggs, & hooper on my team - I hate fantasy football #OJvoice.

I need diggs to see a deep double move at least 10 times in the next 30 minutes or imma lose my shit.

I just need the ball passed to Witten like 2 times and to diggs for at least 2 tds pls.

Stefon Diggs going off for 316 yards, 4 TDs and 2 ice cold bud heavies smashed off his head tonight.

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