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@bourbon_teddy Would be amazing if there were only 71 and six defunct newspapers went back into business for one day solely to cancel Dilbert..

@TheSteelStag We’ve cancelled Dilbert. Family Circus is next if a briefcase of rough diamonds is not delivered to Rock Creek Park by sundown.

@ScottAdamsSays There are papers that still pay money for Dilbert…? Good lord. What irrelevant drivel..

@EladNehorai That’s not even what happened. A company that owns a bunch of newspapers switched them all over to the same comics syndicator to save money and that syndicator doesn’t run Dilbert.


@toadmeister Well except they have been poking fun at “wokeness” for over 20 years. So this is essentially rubbish. Here’s one from 1996..

Asked my 9-year-old niece if her newspaper still carries #Dilbert. She said, “What’s a newspaper?”.

“Your attempts to minimize the classic Pravda-style cancellation of ‘Dilbert’ indicate to me that you are a willing servant of the machine.” “This is my fault. I made this conversation happen by being a wiseass.”.

Author of ‘Dilbert’ Cartoon Says Comic Has Been Removed from Over 70 Newspapers.

@jason17652409 @Dilbert_Daily Had to find it but this one always gets me 😂.

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@ScottAdamsSays you still write Dilbert? i thought it was reruns like Calvin & Hobbs and Peanuts.

@mssrlepew @ScottAdamsSays lord knows the only reason i subscribe is to read more dilbert.

@ScottAdamsSays First they came for dilbert, and I said nothing because that shit wasn’t even funny in the 90s..

@ScottAdamsSays As a now retired office rat I love Dilbert. I’m sorry but your voice is still heard.

@ScottAdamsSays Nobody cares about ESG this is the most self important shit I’ve seen today and I saw a YouTube influencer meet up taking place at a Starbucks. It’s not funny because nobody’s knows or cares what ESG is no wonder shit got cancelled you’re out of touch I used to love Dilbert.

@ScottAdamsSays @Dilbert_Daily Literally not how this works, but keep pushing a false narrative that serves no one..

@Rich_Deuce well this was a shitpost about how I don’t really care about dilbert, but if you’re curious why some folks have a problem with Scott Adams, here’s a thing:.

And theres still more??? More papers are still publishing dilbert???.

@13013B @ScottAdamsSays They (the 77 papers that cut Dilbert) are all owned by a chain (Lee Enterprises) that drastically cut the number of comic strips they run in half. Family Circus, Beetle Bailey and Blondie and a number of others were also cancelled..

@DougJBalloon I was a lifelong liberal Democrat. Then the Woke Mob canceled Dilbert in 77 newspapers..

@WorstGuyOnStage Your issue is that you only understand the aesthetics of an act and not the actual harm it causes. If you can’t see the difference between burning a book you own and burning a book you stole, you are concerned about the IMAGE of a burning book. But again: who is burning Dilbert?.

@ravensdojo Irrelevant lame ahh comic lmao. And the cowards disabled comments when trolling Dilbert. Typical yet pathetic nonetheless.

cartoon hero of the workplace Dilbert.

@DougTenNapel You know, I always thought Mallard Fillmore was funnier than #Dilbert. And I RARELY thought Mallard Fillmore was all that funny..

@thomasa56 @ScottAdamsSays The chain downsized its comic section, cutting several comics including Dilbert..

@ZombieVols @StucknDaMid Or how about the way those sneaky SJWs stuck it to Adams by canceling the way to their digital editions: We’re also adding comics pages to our e-edition six days a week, and extra Sunday comics pages online. That’s where you will find “Dilbert,” by the way..

@ScottAdamsSays Is this tweet about Dilbert, the comic? Are there not real problems in your lives?.

@francisxwolf @ScottAdamsSays You have to work in an office to fully understand the brilliance of Dilbert. Pure idiots on parade,.

@WajahatAli I’m all about that MAGAt getting cancelled, but instead of a black trans* female Dilbert, how about make a new black trans female comic strip character and see how that goes..

When a mediocre comic (let’s say 4/10) is a danger to itself or others, Newspaper syndicates give society two options: 1. Watch the comic die. 2. Kill the comic. Those are their only options. They chose #2 and yanked Dilbert. I am relieved they didn’t yank Garfield. 🐄 #moo.

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Imagine hating caring for the earth & equality 4 human beings so much, you want to attack corporations doing even their tiny bit for society?! Pols like US De Santis & UKs Badenoch must have had terrible childhoods to be so full of hate. 🤷‍♂️😥.

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