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Kyrie Irving to Dillon Brooks: Keep playing that dumba*s defense.” (via @DrewHill_DM).

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Klay Thompson: “I don’t care about Dillon Brooks… When he retires, I don’t think anyone will ever talk about Dillon Brooks ever again. I promise you. It’s sweet right now, but wait 10 years.” (via @evan_b, ).

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Dillon Brooks on Theo Pinson: “I just wanted to let him know he was a cheerleader. Same class, I grew up watching him play and he was a great player. Now he gets paid to cheerlead. I love it.” (via @DrewHill_DM).

Dillon Brooks Photo,Dillon Brooks Photo by Hoop Central,Hoop Central on twitter tweets Dillon Brooks Photo

Ja Morant is back with the Grizz. “You’re going to see a different Ja out there who is going to be consistent every single night and is going to give us the energy we need to be the top team in the West.” - Dillon Brooks.

Dillon Brooks said Ja Morant told the team he wanted to come off the bench with the way they are playing right now. “I told him ‘HELL NO! You’re too good a player and you’re the engine of this team.’”.

Y’all remember when Dillon Brooks was almost a Phoenix Sun 😭.

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Dillon Brooks fouls Christian Wood on the three pointer and he makes all three free BRUTAL ending for Grizzlies () bettors 🤢.

Kyrie Irving con el mayor trash talk de la historia: tratar a Dillon Brooks como un fan. Toma mi camiseta y me voy..

Dillon Brooks gets 18th tech for taunting Mavs bench after poster dunk on Maxi Kleber via @YouTube.

Santi Aldama says Dillon Brooks’ presence is “priceless” — he has a way of locking in and knowing the gameplan that’s hard to find.

@brasilcoast2 Brooks já tinha uma imagem de insuportável e ele só vestiu a carapuça enquanto a poeira abaixava. Morant vai voltar e Dillon vai continuar jogando seu basquete operário da mesma maneira ajudando o time q e o principal.

@TheHoopCentral @DrewHill_DM Dillon brooks is the best defender in the league right now.

i think i would love dillon brooks if he was like all star caliber at least cuz then he can fulfill the villain role and back it up but it doesn’t work cuz he’s just average 💔😥.

Kyrie does the same exact thing we all would do, if ever offered a Dillon Brooks jersey..

@ClutchPage Hahajdhdjwhzbs Dillon Brooks’un kendini büyük oyuncu sanmasına kopuyorum..

So I can agree that the Warriors haven’t been playing up to par. But Dillon Brooks continuing to chirp with NOTHING?! Come on now..

@LegionHoops @DrewHill_DM Dillon Brooks does realize his own team has bench riders , right?.

I’ve never muted words on Twitter before but I’m close to muting Dillon & Brooks.

Dillon Brooks faces 1-game suspension after taunting Mavs bench.

@LegionHoops @DrewHill_DM I wish y’all would stop talking about Dillon Brooks. Nobody cares about this dude y’all are forcing him into everything.

se caí um avião no Maranhão a culpa vai ser do Dillon Brooks segundo a NBATT o quanto meu mano está sendo xingado pqp.

@Lizardman6999 @WorldWideWob Not 1 viewer watches NBA for Dillon Brooks. Literally, not one person..

@Only1Pope Dillon brooks is seeing hell gang, he fucked up Kai foot, Rie was going to drop 40 on him pretty easily.

Nah man I can’t believe I’m defending Dillon Brooks but he got fouled here by Powell.

Nah why’d Kyrie give Dillon Brooks his jersey&ain’t accept Dillon Brooks jersey back😂.

@Rakeem513 Yeah Kyrie was supposed to go for 40 but it’s all good. Dillon Brooks don’t want smoke with him tho.

Dillon Brooks said Ja Morant saw how the team has been playing well and volunteered himself to come off the bench when he returns. “I said hell no.”.

o que meu mano dillon brooks está gerando entretenimento nos últimos dias é de se aplaudir.

Getting highlights tomorrow!! 🌞🌞🌞 Still have a black eye, so I’ll be rocking my Dillon Brooks hater shades as I leave the salon (also no, I wasn’t punched, sadly; I’m a 110lb girl and I got bumped into, then smacked my noggin. I was unconscious which was actually 😎 cool 😎).

@getsit Warriors winning in 4 if Steph healthy anyway. He and Klay won’t let Memphis hang around. I need Dillon brooks getting swept in 4k too..

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