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Updated: November 26th, 2021 07:38 AM IST

I said take the DJax over, this man Vs the Cowboys is like Ty Hilton Vs the Texans. 47 years old and he’ll still cook us.

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@kody_moran7 Dak been lookin funky in the light, your team soft, you ain’t actually think your team would step up to expectations did ya? I know this hurts don’t worry a lot of szn left to be disappointed by. Maybe you should’ve tried “The best Corner in the league” on DJAX😂😂😂


@TheRaiderKAB If Djax keeps it up, he will be! But perryman is doing awesome! However, Heyward and Are at least even with Denzelle P. If not better

@MoeMoton @dakotagardner17 I think a more cognizant statement is Raiders finally were able to replace Ruggs void in the offense with DJax. Saw him being used underneath like ruggs was. Allowed Jones to get going too a little. Hopefully they stick to this plan.

@CowboysNation I just wish they would’ve tried someone besides Brown on DJax because that was obviously not working.

@MoeMoton Djax is definitely without a doubt MONEY. and Zay got some well earned time

@coastline_yt Felt like Renfrow had a more complete game but DJax was as-advertised today thats for sure

@JeanetteHyotala @ARchuey Would’ve loved that but Djax can’t stay healthy 🥲🥲

@vegastiming It was between him and DJax. He had a great play but I felt like Renfrow was there all game, in ST and offense. DJax balled tho

@raiderstankszn i would throw djax into the game ball but other than that i fully agree

@ShannonSharpe djax been having a good season when he had opportunities he still the fastest man in the league

Who has the video smash-cut of the THREE TIMES that DJax has purposefully and weirdly just refused to try to get a TD? That’s the third time if I recall😂

@ltsCamo Ton of ticky tack holds on the Raiders in addition to Diggs holding DJax every play 😭😭😭

@DaltonBMiller Tell me Parsons wasn’t held on the Djax catch. These fucking stripes have been calling the stingiest game, and missed the most crucial play of the game.

Getting DJax involved a lot more earlier too! Throwing to WRs: Good idea. Throwing deep: Also a good idea. DJax getting that PI in the endzone is huge!

DJax loves playing in Jerry World, doesnt matter what team he plays for he cooks Dallas

Anyone else get SUPER nervous that DJax was going to run the wrong way when he was that wide open? PTSD I swear from this team. #RaiderNation #Raiders

@RoobNBCS Say his name Carson Wentz. Those 2 TDs were in one game only and then DJax was never healthy again.

Every raiders score besides the Djax one has been because of the refs! I’m tired of this shit

Give it to DJax early so he can make a play with the ball in his hands. He doesn’t/shouldn’t have to run 15+ yards downfield to get the ball every time

Come On We’ve Played Without Waller Get DJax On The Field And Trust 87

Those Pollard/DJax/Reynolds lineups got me hype. As did the Pollard/Djax/Cedric lineups,lol. Best believe Waller was in these lineups. These are the days of our fantasy football lives😖😂

@PHLEaglesNation Love me some DJax especially in a Raiders he could have stayed & retired with the Eagles.

@thechalktalker @AAOHARRY First TD from the New Orleans Defense/Special Teams would be nice tonight. I should have guessed DJax would get one today. Happy Thanksgiving back at you!

@MoeMoton Exactly. What a waste of 3 Timeouts. Had enough time for at least 4 plays down into field goal range, potentially more bc of DJax.

@Marcus_Mosher I mean outside of a DJAX scheduled touchdown against Dallas and dogshit penalties this Dallas defense is good??

Alright time to put a foot on their throat right here with a TD: I’d take a shot to Djax first play

Death, taxes, and DeSean Jackson terrorizing the Cowboys 🤑 Please score one more DJax 🙏🏻

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He’s at it again Djax, always haunting the Cowboys‼️🤝

@Philly_Bul215 I rock with DJax so I’m glad he got his early 😂 because it’s over

I said take the Djax over, this man Vs the Cowboys is like Ty Hilton Vs the Texans. 47 years old and he’ll still cook us.

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