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not sure if the Sixers dying one by one like a slasher movie is helpful to their championship aspirations, but it *will* help Doc Rivers keep his job for longer, so I have a theory on who the killer is.


Doc Rivers when the Sixers are missing their three best players.

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Doc Rivers mentioned that Harden and Embiid will get to rehab together. It may even turn out coming back on the same time. A chance Embiid misses more than just this back-to-back..

Doc Rivers said Matisse Thybulle not playing in the second half was health-related. Said they have to evaluate the best way to use him right now..

Doc Rivers be coaching his ass off with terrible rosters but when he has a franchise player, he’s the biggest idiot on the planet.

Doc Rivers says the Sixers again weren’t able to play Matisse Thybulle in the second half because of his ankle injury. He says the team will need to do something differently in terms of approach with Thybulle moving forward..

Aiai, se o Doc Rivers tivesse simplesmente colocado ele em quadra desde a temporada.

Why does doc rivers go god mode when he’s forced to play bball Paul He’s like the shaggy meme only using one percent of his power when he force feeds Montrezl Harrell instead of Paul Reed.

Why the fuck does doc rivers become Phil Jackson once his starters are out MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.

Doc rivers has to be the most confusing coach in the league rn. Successfully makes his team when healthy play dreadful basketball and for some unexplainable reason with his best three scores out this is the best team basketball they’ve played all season.

All this credit going around can DOC RIVERS get some credit for coaching this undermanned @sixers squad to a victory over the big 3 Brooklyn squad! Lets Go Sixers!.

Doc Rivers interestingly overachieves with subpar rosters and underachieves with a stacked-squad. Kick the brakes out of the lost Nets tonight.

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