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Here. We. Go. The Main Event. iDubbbz vs Doctor Mike in the #creatorclash finale!.

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yeah doctor mike won 100% but the fact how there was no mention of the charity, did not mention idubbbz once until prompted by chills and when he did he said “im surprised he put up a fight” (when idubbbz put on the event and got him that clout) baffles me #creatorclash.

not to fucking mention all he did when he won was promote his youtube??? it’s just so insulting to the whole event, chatting about how he’s so surprised ian took all the hits. doctor mike is such a goober #creatorclash.

Good ass fights at creator clash. The Ryan vs Alex, AB vs Hundar, Minx vs Haley, and Doctor Mike vs idubbbz were CRAZY.

Favorite fights from #creatorclash in no particular order: Dad vs. Matt Watson Ryan Magee vs. Alex Ernst Yodeling Hayley vs. Justaminx AB vs. Hundar Michael Reeves vs. Graham Stephan Idubbz vs. Doctor Mike.

@_authenticjelly Idubbz really came in with the iron chin and ATE those shots. Makes it even more impressive that he ate those shots from 12oz gloves from a ripped doctor Mike LMAO. I was very impressed with Ian.

#creatorclash The best fights of the night were definitely Minx v Hayley Ryan v Alex Dad v Matt (because of how chaotic it was) and probably Idubbbz v Doctor Mike.

@Brookzy01 Yes, Doctor Mike did seem like he can produce sharp right hands. However, he couldn’t put iDubbbz down, and I think that KSI has a better chin than Ian..

The Good Doctor saison 4 : Episode 9, Shaun embrasse une autre femme dans la vidéo promo #Doctor Mike.

Big respect to Idubbz for not getting knocked out when getting absolutely battered by doctor mike..

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