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Free-agent left-hander Alex Wood in agreement with #Dodgers, source tells The Athletic..

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@slightclutter I’m still proud of them. Don’t know if you saw the video but we named 8 teams that we felt were doing the exact same thing so this will get expanded &even dodgers were named by a player 2day. Nothing anyone says now can take back the happiness I felt from seeing them win it all..

It’s going to be different not having @Miguel_Mendezz around here making fun of my @Dodgers 😂😂. Make us Grambling People proud in the work field fam. Recruit some Northern California peps for us..

The Dodgers draft better than anyone in baseball. Now if we can just convince Friedman to use some draft picks to get a trade done 😒..

im just glad the astros cheated the dodgers out of a ring LOL good looking out 😂🤷🏻‍♂️💍.

Alex Wood is back with the Dodgers who might have won the 2017 World Series had they started him in game 7. Wood had no-hit the Astros for 5 2/3 innings in game 4 at Houston. But they went with Yu Darvish who got 5 men out and gave up 5 runs..

I was robbed out watching a Yankees vs Dodgers World Series @MLB fuck y’all for real.

@briaonz @DodgersNation And puig, and Kershaw, and seager, and Ryu, and Grandal, and Jansen, and the other star of the dodgers from the 2010s.

Entonces mis Dodgers son campeones o qué pex!!! Ya decía yo.

I have 0 sympathy for all other sports franchises, but right now I want to send a fruit basket to every single Dodgers fan..

Dodgers should’ve just cheated. Would’ve got rid of Roberts and had two rings 🤷‍♂️.

@Tracey___G @SandLot408 As a Dodger fan, I’d like to think this, but who knows what would have happened with a different AL champ. It sucks for every other AL contender and the Dodgers..

@NickTurturro1 What about the championships - should they be forfeit? Poor TAMPA BAY & LA DODGERS.

How all @Dodgers fans feel! 2017 WS went to game infuriating to lose such a close series, and know it came down to cheating by the Astros. So cheap!!! #stripastrosofthetitle.

People saying give the Dodgers the ws ring are forgetting about the 2 teams the Astros beat in the ALDS n ALCS.

@BarstoolHubbs It wont be funny for Tom when the Dodgers and Yankees sue him for the money the lost out on for not winning..

Dodger fans you must remember where Alex Cora started his career. 1998-2004 with the Dodgers. Who knows when he learned this but don’t be so naive to think it wasn’t while wearing Dodger Blue. Anyone who has played baseball knows this goes even as kinda and evolves as you move on.

Los Angeles Dodgers bring back free agent Alex Wood after one season with Cincinnati Reds.

@brenek_c Agreed. MLB is just trying to look like they did something. So okay now do the other teams. Does I ally the dodgers and the Yankees..

The dodgers should have another ring and there’s no amount of fines that will fix that.

So if it been confirmed the Astros cheated they should be stripped of there World Series and it goes to the Dodgers.

@AdrianaMonsalve @astros Deberían de jugar los dodgers contra los Yankees una serie para definir ese campeón.

@MrazCBS Hate to break it to you but my Dodgers lost in the 2017 WS so they have more to be mad about the Astros cheating then Yankee fans!!!!.

Just give the Dodgers the chip they deserve and we’ll call it good. Kershaw’s legacy took a hit. Roberts decisions questioned. Yu Darvish ran out of town. All cuz of cheaters..

Alex Wood’s deal with the #Dodgers is for one year, $4M, with incentives that can push his total to $10M, source says. Physical is complete. Deal is done..

Free-agent left-hander Alex Wood in agreement with #Dodgers, source tells The Athletic..