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I like @martin_compston as an actor but his statement is utterly inadequate. The PIRA was responsible for 1,705 murders. 48% of Troubles deaths, including Scot’s. He should condemn those chanting about PIRA and do more to dissuade such behaviour in future.

Meanwhile this. Stephen Kelly is a good man and Manufacturing NI a good organisation which does a lot of good for NI economy. Donaldson appears to be going full Johnson. It is dangerous and wrong.

wRC+ numbers among Yankee hitters (min 100 PA): Judge (195) Stanton (143) Rizzo (136) Trevino (135) Torres (127) LeMahieu (120) Donaldson (107) Gallo (99) Hicks (86) IKF (83) Higgy (46).

The Klan kicked out Donaldson from the cult and now he lost his powers lmao get him out of here.


ANTHONY RIZZO I LOVE YOU. Donaldson you SUCK don’t think Rizzo saved you from this tweet pal..

@CurtiAntony geralmente quem puxa fila é DJ LeMahieu e Donaldson na 4 ou 5. Hoje que #MLBnaESPN #RepBX.

Obviously nit picking about this offense, but donaldson has struggled since coming back from injury.

@sujo_dree Yeah, I know what you mean. Not too many duds in this lineup. Would’ve been nicer if Donaldson had hit a grounder into a double play..

@RealMichaelKay @JackCurryYES dfa Donaldson too #yankees again bad decisions to steal 2nd, thank god we have rizzo to cover up for the total ineptitude of higgy, Donaldson #yankees.

Blue Jays IBB Judge to load the bases for Josh Donaldson. Donaldson, fired up, livid, former MVP, how dare strikes out. HATE to see it..

@JSpiethEnjoyer He’s also not as valuable when on the bench on days where it’s Donaldson at 3B and Gleyber at 2B. Idk, I’m just spitballing here. Everything you’re saying is very true.

@MattFerrara_11 Same! I’ve been to four walk offs this year lmfao. Donaldson vs Boston, Judge vs. Toronto, Trevino vs. Chicago, Rizzo last night.

I am blessed to receive my first offer. Thank you @Coach_Donaldson for the opportunity! Also thanks to @CoachAvila50 for come watching me perform..

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That’s it. I’ve seen enough. DJ is my every day third baseman He is just as good a defender and hitter as Donaldson.

@snob_of For real because why in the world would you have Donaldson hitting behind judge when rizzo literally just hit a walkoff last night. But here were are and it’s 10-1.

@GregorChisholm The Bronx Bombers living up to the namesake. Too many heavy weights in that potent lineup, while Donaldson considered a middleweight. Wow.

@jonesy531 @incarceratedbob Looks like the coach was right as Donaldson whiffs again with bases loaded..

It doesn’t always work. Donaldson struck out (because Richards missed his location lol). But it definitely worked on Rizzo’s grand salami.

Rizzo picks up Donaldson and then some. Very bad for the Jays. Groundhog Day 2022. #NYYvsTOR ⚾️📻🔊.

It must be illegal to have Aaron Judge, Josh Donaldson, Giancarlo Stanton, and Anthony Rizzo all on the same team. Oh and Joey Gallo but he’s washed. Like watching this game is insane right now. #NextLevel.

@RealMichaelKay Michael Yankees do not have circular lineup with higgy , Donaldson, hicks , gallo playing - gotta be realistic #yankees , maybe the loud outs guys were wrong , wrong , wrong.

This fan base loves to blast gallo and hicks but how about Donaldson taking some heat here. Dude is washed..

@Yankees 3 strikeouts most with runners in scoring position Worst trade ever-Steinbrenner see what Donaldson has on Boone to keep playing the BUM.

Bases loaded, one out and what does @BringerOfRain20 Josh Donaldson @Yankees do but strike out for the third time. Seriously, you suck donkey balls, Donaldson🤬.

Donaldson looks so lost at the plate right now a hit here would be huge… or not…but Rizzo takes care of it!.

Keep waiting for Donaldson to get on a hot streak but man he’s struggling to find some consistency..

I still DO NOT like Josh Donaldson 100% cannot strike out with the bases loaded. Horrible situational player..

@YankeesNerds Agreed. Except for Donaldson. He should be benched. He is just an automatic out at this point..

@TalkinYanks i did not have gerrit cole giving josh donaldson a message on my bingo card this year.

The Seven Social Sins are: Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without sacrifice. Politics without principle ~Frederick Lewis Donaldson. March 20, 1925..

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