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One of the worst offenses in football needs like 25 seconds to get all the way down the field. Donatell owes us answers.

@FettDoba @DomClare The front-7 has to be much more consistent at controlling the LOS in order for Donatell’s scheme to work. They also need better play from the CB2 and slot CB spots. Aside from P2, play has been spotty, especially with Dantzler out..

@KFANRosen This Donatell Defensive scheme is horrific it doesn’t fit this team. Either it needs to go or he needs to go or both, he makes no adjustments. No disrespect to him as a person..

@coachmutt HY I’ll take it! Its still fire Ed “prevent defense” Donatell ‼️.


@JVSwaps @_Dre_Q Maybe but Donatell doesn’t have a great track record. Neither does Pettine. We need something different for scheme regardless.

@vikesinsider The defense is anchored by old players. They are nowhere near as explosive as they need to be. I think Donatell’s schemes are built to accept this reality. Either that or they’re old and his schemes suck..

@vikesinsider Donatell has demonstrated extremely little gameplan variation by opponent. Injuries have robbed them of depth at CB and S, which might influence the constant shell coverages, but, they need to make some adjustments..

@OnebarLupagus In honor of Thanksgiving, I will forgo any mention of a turd this week, no one Donatell’s that this week. I’d say the entire offense is worthy of a stud award. But the mastermind of the whole operation wins it for me, Kevin O’Connell, you sir, are my stud! #SKOL.

@nacholeber Do you think Donatell needs to be more aggressive earlier in games? Seems like he waits until the end to bring pressure and shockingly it works. Why not mix that in far more often early in games to shut opposing Os down more often?.

I need Ed Donatell fired so bad. They don’t even try any blitz packages and the coverage is soft zone that opens up the middle. Just terrible, terrible play-calling.


@RealMarkGalabi You can lmao , thats how soft spots work …… why do you think the best pressure teams call zone plays the lowest? Cause zone gives too much open space , the vikings also call blitzes at the lowest rate … donatell is not a good DC.

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