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Donovan Smith vs Micah Parsons was the one matchup that concerned me the most. Dallas is winning that hands down..

Donovan Smith had a legit holding penalty early. Gonna show some clips of Vita and Nelson getting held 100x worse and nada… both Dak Scrambles for big gains.

There are ALWAYS ways to overcome any matchup issue. But the Bucs started Goedke and are leaving Donovan Smith with zero help to block Parsons. You get what you deserve..

Ben Golan
Ben Golan

@RyanMainville Little known fact but if this score holds the Dallas Cowboys will attempt to do something Donovan Smith already did: beat Brock Purdy..

@Buccaneers Leftwich watching Micah Parsons destroy Donovan Smith.

Donovan Smith Photo,Donovan Smith Photo by Justin,Justin on twitter tweets Donovan Smith Photo

Need 2 hopefully 3 Brady stat pad TDs in the 2nd half and let’s close the book on his Bucs’ tenure. Won’t go anywhere as long as Bowles, Leftwich, and Donovan Smith are employed so why waste time..

@Buccaneers Todd needs to go Byron needs to go Tom needs to go this is embarrassing all year n I kept sticking by this team Donovan smith is guessing on every damn play I’m done with this team.


Será posible que Donovan Smith pueda bloquear a alguien el día de hoy ? Es un desastre..

Watching Donovan Smith and Luke Goedeke get slutted every single snap but yeah it’s Bradys fault the line sucks LMAO.

I want Bowles gone. I want Leftwich gone. Brady I love you but u can leave too. Donovan Smith can hit the streets. I want all the bad gone after this season even if we somehow comeback.

@BloggingTheBoys Really only thing I can complain about is Maher & Donovan Smith should have like 3 holding calls.

Bench Donovan Smith at Halftime. Hes shaving points and needs to be investigated by the NFL..

@BengalYouTube Donovan smith needs to be cut and never play in a game again! He looks like crap and our play calling sucks.

@TaylorLewan77 please replace Donovan smith right now. Whatever it takes tampa will pay you 😡.

@MaceAhWindu Oh trust me as a bucs fan Donovan smith is the worst!.

Donovan Smith Photo,Donovan Smith Photo by Hereth,Hereth on twitter tweets Donovan Smith Photo

@AndyKHLiu We got Donovan Smith vs Parsons and the worst LG (Goedeke) starting tonight. That’s exactly why 😂😂.

As a Giants fan, I have to root for Tampa. As someone who had Evans and Fournette in fantasy, I can just feel a backbreaking Donovan Smith holding call coming tonight. #NFLPlayoffs.

Wtf happened to Donovan Smith?!?!? How did he go from an okay LT to just horrendous? Or is he playing with a really bad injury that the team is keeping on the hush?.

@FanStreamJP u can’t win a game when refs stink and Donovan Smith playing horrible. He is a liability ..

Donovan Smith is the worst LT in the NFL and Devin Whites regression this year aren’t great for the Bucs.

Tampa fans been saying it all season The coaches and Donovan Smith need to go Now y’all see why they’ve been saying it.

@coach_roach12 @Marcus_Mosher What fucking calls, donovan smith has literally gotten away with holding micah every play almost 😂.

Donovan Smith is the worst LT I’ve ever seen. Add one more penalty to that total and 10 more yards..

Donovan Smith Photo,Donovan Smith Photo by Micah,Micah on twitter tweets Donovan Smith Photo

@Bronco_Hater @fkcIappedamauri I’m not wrong, I’m pretty sure Donovan smith was graded as the worst tackle in football this year.

@Breesoverrated @austin_whitton How do the not provide help to donovan smith? It makes no sense..

1st half thoughts: Donovan Smith gets beat about every play Defense is just gassed This offense is beyond putrid.

Donovan Smith hasn’t blocked anyone all night. He needs to sit in the second half. He holds every time he tries to block. Ugh..

Donovan Smith: 74 career accepted penalties since 2015. 13 more penalties than the next player. THIS DUDE IS FREAKING AWFUL #GOBUCS #DallasCowboys.

@DaveReaves_IBEW @danorlovsky7 Not as suspicious as Donovan Smith potentially shaving points all year.

Cant even block on a hail mary lmaooooo jesus @jasonrlicht u fucked tom in the ass leavin donovan smith on this roster and not trading for trent williams..

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