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Thankful every day for my loving and supportive husband, @DouglasEmhoff.

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I walked into the smoking area of the bar a few weeks ago, an old friend and I made eye contact, smiled (who I was excited to see) then they turned away. In that moment I knew we were no longer friends 💀💀

Toronto Star
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Rapid tests are a game changer, Doug Ford says. But health experts advising the government use terms like “inferior,” “anything but game changers,” and — in private discussions — “sh---y.”


Raise your hand If you think Govenor Doug Ducey of Arizona just INCINERATED his ✋

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When they suspended Doug Mastriano, his followers shot up from 20k to 100k or so. The same will happen here.

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Belfast News Letter
Belfast News Letter ()

Dublin must now step up to the mark and account for the role played by the Republic during the Troubles, especially in the very early stages

Daenna Francis
Daenna Francis ()

Ghooooorl i remember watching their house tour. Halos lahat ng sinasabi ni cheska, kinokontra ni doug. Yung bahay itself, parang si doug lang masaya sa outcome.

Imagine Liking Sports In This Economy
Imagine Liking Sports In This Economy ()

I still think Doug would look better with an OC and am not calling for him to be fired. Anything could happen at this point. I have no idea.

Chris ()

@Ungodlyy_ @Elcitys Doug Censor Martin is as cracked as he is jacked. I saw him at a 7-11 the other day and he was buying adult diapers. I asked him what the diapers were for and he said “they help contain my full power so I don’t completely shit on these kids”.And then he slid canceled out the door

$mokegawd urameshi 💨(RIP Kobe)
$mokegawd urameshi 💨(RIP Kobe) ()

I mean that’s not saying much. Doug is one of the worst coaches in the league this season

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先生の叔父さんは、癌で胃を取った。 そして離婚により、心を失った。

Jeffrey Bell
Jeffrey Bell ()

@I_m_TaylorMade I’m just saying we talking about play calling. That’s always been Doug even at y’all best so idk what the problem is now. Maybe Doug isn’t trusting something or

Tom Blaszkow
Tom Blaszkow ()

@FFBallAllDay Wouldn’t matter, Doug still wouldn’t run the ball and Sanders would be leading the league in dropped balls

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris ()

Thankful every day for my loving and supportive husband, @DouglasEmhoff.

Corindus ()

Did you have a chance to join @CCInnovations’ panel featuring our COO Doug Teany last week? The group of panelists, representing several medical #robotics companies and doctors from Cleveland Clinic, spoke about how technology can enhance care delivery:

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Mrs. B Conservative
Mrs. B Conservative ()

@fordnation Worthy watch Doug! Important watch for all living with fear and anxiety from COVID incompetence. Balanced and truthful information is more important than CONTROL!

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▶️ Frases de Urgencias (1994) Si estudias siempre las enfermedades, te convencerás de que las tienes.George Clooney - Dr. Doug Ross

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@JimmyKempski THANK YOU. This was the biggest fuck up of the game we still could have won at this point. If I’m Doug they have to pull me off the field before I let that bullshit stand I can’t believe he just took it.

Hawkeye Dan
Hawkeye Dan ()

@joe_warmington hey joe, can you do a story on how Doug Ford and brother were drug dealers in Mississauga decades ago, my buddy said they were well known Hash dealers ()

Photos of jazz gigs at Ventura County venues from the archives-Hendrik Muerkins-harmonica, Doug Webb-sax, Sam Hirsh-piano, The Winery Ventura, Oct 2019 Hendrik recorded with Charlie Byrd, Jimmy Cobb, Monty Alexander & toured with Ray Brown, Herb Ellis, Herbie Mann

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Duffy ()

@LightInLightOut Well the tweet is sitting pretty at 5 impressions right now but god willing Doug sees it by Sunday

Mikenealis ()

@jesserker OH! Is two too young for a train set? Like, the wooden Melissa & Doug style ones?

Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis
Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis ()

Selon la vérificatrice générale, la province a été incapable de déployer son plan provincial d’urgence en mars parce qu’il était désuet et à cause d’un manque de personnel au département chargé des urgences #onpoli

International Man
International Man ()

The COVID hysteria has justified a new wave of government restrictions. Many governors and mayors are ordering citizens to stay at home and cancel their thanksgiving plans. Doug Casey discusses the new COVID Thanksgiving Restrictions and the Great Reset

Paul ()

@ColinDMello But that Doug the business man is really for the people! Unfortunately, not the health and well being of Ontarians

Rashad ()

@BloggingTheBoys Garrett Gilbert Alex Smith Daniel Jones Jalen Hurts Andy Dalton Ben Dinucci Kellen Moore Doug Pederson Jerry Jones Grandson Carson Wentz

Metalhed47 ()

@CuriousMathy @doug_schweitzer Lol. The public purse as you put it is only yelling for raises, and more benefits to pad their already ridiculous pensions and wages. 🤦

I’m Kevin’s Mom
I’m Kevin’s Mom ()

@PamKeithFL Shout louder. This would be catastrophic. Just like putting Doug Jones in the role of Attorney General.

Richard ()

@fordnation Doug Ford- ruined small businesses - made seniors sit in small rooms for weeks on end - ruined the chance for conservatives to ever have a chance #useless #youoweanappoligy

Marc Fisher
Marc Fisher ()

All hail great copy editors (in this case, The Washington Post’s Doug Norwood)

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Paul Szoldra
Paul Szoldra ()

Military historian Doug Sterner with some interesting perspective on COVID-19.

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