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Tell me why @Idubbbz just made the best boxing event that wasn’t faked… Actual fight lmao, congrats to Dr. Mike though..

“The longer the war goes on the better it gets for Ukraine rather than Russia” Analysis from Dr. Mike Martin, always worth reading.

JD Rucker
JD Rucker

To the people supporting Dr. Oz because they think Trump always picks the best people: Mitt Romney, McMaster, Rex Tillerson, Reince Priebus, Omarosa, Michael Cohen, Bill Barr, Mike Pence, John Kelly, John Bolton, Jim Mattis, Jeff need I go further?.

Was totally wrong about the creator clash event, it was actually pretty fresh. The Sauce Boss and Dr Mike were 100 percent holding back though.

Dr Mike on his way to break the hippocratic oath #creatorclash.

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Dr. Mike when his patients insurance doesn’t go through #creatorclash.

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#creatorclash was great! Not a fan of Dr Mike after the glove touch debacle and the way he carried himself after. Came across like a Superman complex 🙄.

@Xcxglo @PhillyD He wasn’t terrible lol he was fighting at a weight class he shouldn’t have been in. Dr. Mike was the expected win and did, but damn… Ian can take a punch and keep on swinging.

It was worth every fucking penny to see Minx v Haley, Michael v Graham, and iDubbbz v Dr. Mike. What amazing fights by newcomers in the name of charity! #creatorclash.


@SmokedTTS He ate so many big hits I got mad respect for that. Dr mike held back a little tho so I hope he’s next fight he gets an opponent that is the same weight class, it’d be cool to see him just go in..

@LegalEagle @RealDoctorMike can iDubz sue Dr Mike for malpractice now that he got his ass handed to him in #CreatorClash?.

@DocStrangelove2 @blackpillnation Dr. Mike is gonna lose his license for killing Ian..

Was really hoping for AB to win and Dr. Mike to lose, but seeing the Dad/Matt Watson slowmo replay over and over throughout the night was really funny..

@ChunkerChip Yeah being in the ring for 5 rounds with Dr Mike was impressive. Ian would 100% fold Ricegum. That’d be a much easier fight for Ian.

@oliveiax Yeah real shitty of dr. mike to donate months of his time to train for this fight while still saving lives as a doctor and for forgetting to shout out the charity he raised thousands of $ for right after getting punched in the head/body 50 times. You would never!.

@PhillyD iDubbbz VS was one sided. However, mad respect to Ian that can take all that blow and still standing. Great Event!.

@Idubbbz Dang Idubbbz lost I was lowkey expecting him to win, but still Dr. Mike is really something, that was some fast and strong punch from him. I guess it never goes as I expected it to be.

Congratulations, UP Labor Hall of Fame inductees, Kathleen Carlson and Michael Thibault. Kathy and Mike have been exemplary mentors in the #labor movement and I was honored to celebrate their day..

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Incredible free opportunity to win a crypto training of a lifetime. Here is the link:.

@MrAndyNgo @choeshow One thing is for sure that girl doesn’t have to worry about abortion.

@Slit518 a lot of youtubers who haven’t ever trained before signed up for this event and started to learn how to box. a lot of fighters had some experience with other parts of fighting but i’m sure only dr mike (one of the headliners) is the only one with boxing experience.


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Idubbbz was getting destroyed by dr mike tho. I think dr mike’s punches were more powerful and had more strength than ian’s.

Yo Big Congrats to @RealDoctorMike man, HUGE respect for Idubbz man got wobbled 1-3 and still fought back and went forward #creatorclash now I wanna see Vs Gib or Vs Logan Paul.

friendly reminder that dr mike preached how to save lives during the pandemic and this leaked.

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@TheCreatorClash Dad vs Hundar Harley vs Dr Disrespect Dr Mike vs I Did A Thing Chris Ray Gun vs Ray William Johnson Idubbbz vs Jeff Whitaker.

@Idubbbz should be back to fight He actually looked really good. The experience of Dr. Mike was extremely hard to get around But Ian looked really really great Congratulations to everyone on the card #CreatorClash.

@keltieem there was betting in hasans stream and I was all in on dr. Mike as well, Ian trained hard and did so well but mike had the stamina. First time I’ve watched boxing hahaha.

Fight LIVE🔴⏯ @mmaboxinglive --------jjk------------ You tuber 🍫iDubbbz vs Dr Mike 🥊Charlo vs. Castano II live- Fight | 🥊Kovalev Vs Pulev 🥊Ramirez vs Bösel boxing streams #fighting #CharloCastano2 Live Link Profile⏯ @mmaboxinglive.

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Charlo vs Castano 2 live 🔴𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐎𝐧📺 @boxingstreamsa —————————— Watch 2022 Youtuber Creator Clash Boxing Live Streams Online Free 🔴𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐎𝐧📺 @boxingstreamsa 🆚iDubbbz vs Doctor (Dr) Mike 🆚Matt Watson vs Dad 🆚Harley vs EgoRaptor 🆚Hundar vs AB.

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