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Bulls list Goran Dragic doubtful (left cervical stinger) and Javonte Green probable (low back contusion) vs. OKC..

Also the Mavs admitting they were wrong about Goran Dragić. If they didn’t think Goran could defend, what do they think about Kemba? Lol.

Dragic on his way out of the rotation in Chicago and they more mid than we are. Again, what are we talking about here?.

Kemba Walker has played 80 games the last two years and Dragic has played 71 not including this season. Kemba pretty much outperformed him in every measurable stat, advanced or traditional during that those seasons too..

Yo no entiendo a Dallas o bueno al GM-Coach. No quisieron traer a Dragic porque según ellos ya teníamos manejadores y eso que fue post perdida de Jalen Brunson. Después de 20 partidos y jugando del asco se dan cuenta que el equipo apesta y apuestan por una persona que anda rota.

Can’t disagree with any of this. I don’t like Campazzo as an NBA fit, but you wasted his time when it was clear he wouldn’t work, and that’s another of Luka’s friends sent packing. Just a dumb path to take when Dragic and Kemba were available..

@ThatsSoRagonk Nobody expected him to play as well as he did for Charlotte and they likely, rightfully, want a veteran in that role. Should have been dragic but that’s been run into the ground at this point.

The first option should have been signing Dragic this summer but they certainly screwed the pooch there!.

@517to214 that obviously the case. My problem with this move isnt kemba but rather the fact they were arrogant enough, in the off season, to reject dragic when he would have been a better replacement (or something close to it) to running an offense. Getting kemba validates that.

@MavsFilmRoom No doubt. Everybody knew they needed another ball handler and Dragic was by far the best fit, on and off the court. Certainly much better than Facu or Kemba. That mistake is going to haunt them for awhile..

@MatejSportinfo Ce mislijo, da manjka samo tretji ball handler so se dalec od resitev. Pri taki igri tud Dragic ne bi veliko pomagal..


@GrantAfseth I like that they’re trying to do something to fix it bc they need the help, but am also mad bc they should’ve just got Dragic & not been in this position in the 1st place. Also concerned about Kemba being a small non-defensive guard w/ health concerns, but hoping he might help.

@mavsmarie Yes… wish they’d have just signed Dragic. Or better yet, re-signed Brunson. 🤦🏻‍♂️.

We didn’t want Dragic cause he was old but we signed kemba? We have a rookie averaging 30 in the G league that is supposed to he our future but we signed kemba? It’s crazy dudes in the front office make millions and people who make 12 an hour could put a better roster @mcuban.

@BibsCorner Agreed people are saying kemba is washed .. im gonna have to see it my self. Can he give u what dragic is giving chicago.

@TallTraveler1 @517to214 Big time but I understand what you were saying. He’d be more comfortable with Dragic, they like family..

@MildNYak @517to214 Oh, I FULLY believe he is more than capable of it. My thinking is, will Luka be as open to it from Kemba as he would Dragic..

@MatejSportinfo Understandable. I think the real mistake was not signing Dragić in the first place.

I still think it was Dragic over Kemba tbh. Dragic at least can keep Luka in check. Luka respects him and loves playing with him.

Not the Mavs FO taking the third ball handler role seriously after passing on Jalen, Dragić and even Kemba once before. I guess they were really trying not to admit that any person on Twitter could do their job better than them..

Rotation Minutes PG: G Dragic (8, 67% to play) Players Who Are Unlikely to Play D Jones (5, 50% to play).

@Pertinacal @MatejSportinfo Tudi Brunson, Wood in Dragic niso enakovrendi Brownu, Smartu in Brogdonu recimo..

If you wanted dragic and are complaining about kemba you’re literally neuro-impaired.

@517to214 Same but mavs fans are obsessed with Dragic who is almost out of the bulls rotation.

@townbrad Who takes the blame for Brunson, Dragic and the failure to add another ball handler in the off season? Cuban or Nico? It just seems like we always over value our players compared to other available players. It seems like Cuban gets to close to his players to trade or release them.

@rprat75 Dragic ha rifiutato i Mavs, parole sue, perché volevano fargli fare il sintetizzare..

@coopmavs From all washed out veteran PGs Kemba is the worst they could get and typically Mavs they did. They could have Dragic or trade for Rose, Bradley or KCP… what is wrong with this FO ?.

@SportsSturm Yeah I have no problem with signing Kemba. Dragic is a better defender though and a bit bigger. Just interesting they passed on Dragic bc they thought they had answers in shop and quickly realized they don’t.

@517to214 Realistically? His knees. He and Dragic were the two “well obviously this is the answer right?” For everyone not huffing trade machine paint. Better late than never I guess. Could’ve done without the denial and antagonism but that’s how they roll here.

@MatejSportinfo We all wanted Dragic. Kemba probably changes nothing but Facu sucked. Give kemba a chance in the role and see what happens..

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