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Connor McDavid and (one legged) Leon Draisaitl are still 1 and 2 in playoff scoring despite being eliminated over 2 weeks ago What a historic run from both of them man.

@Avalanche The five teams to accomplish this feat: 2022 Avalanche (Rantanen & Makar) 2022 Oilers (McDavid & Draisaitl) 1991 Penguins (Lemieux & Recchi) 1988 Oilers (Gretzky & Messier) 1985 Oilers (Gretzky & Coffey).

@LeafsFanMd Career playoff stats Matthews: 33 pts in 39 games Draisaitl: 59 pts in 37 games I really hope next year drai doesnt get as many points… hes sacrificing too many hits per game.

@LeafsFanMd Leon Draisaitl played MVP level hockey for 3 rounds on one leg in the playoffs. Auston Matthews lost again in the first round on 2 legs..

@NotWesMcCauley then why did draisaitl win it? i mean i agree two players from a team shouldn’t get votes but they do. after seeing huberdeau and jt miller get some votes i’m confused why marner hasn’t either..

@Southpaw_Cal @JeffVeillette Honestly this is a horrible top 6 for a voter. This is someone that wants the public to think “he knows the game”. If you don’t have Matthews/McDavid or Draisaitl in your top 6, what were you watching?.

@thomasbeaudry @JoshYohe_PGH Obviously you’re a casual because McDavid doesn’t play on the same line as Draisaitl but Matthews plays on the same line as Marner every game all season. Horrible take!.

Gotta wonder if the oilers find a way to sign Kadri as a UFA. Gotta think he’s an upgrade on Draisaitl due to cup finals performance and nationality.

Just for argument’s sake, the third all star team, if there was one, by votes: Kaprizov-Draisaitl-Rantanen Ekblad-Fox Andersen.


@sal_nhl Edmonton was 24-5-2 when Draisaitl scored a goal that season and 13-20-7 when he didn’t. He had 110 pts in 71 games..

@dhockey13 @SoTragic_ Im pretty sure that when McDavid plays without Draisaitl he doesn’t play as good and vice versa. Drai and McDavid compliment each other so good that it is actually just insane how ppl say McDavid is the only reason the Oilers are so good. Drai is McDavids right hand vice versa.

@NemecBad @GenoManager points aren’t everything, like i agree what he did was still impressive which is why i put him up there but there are ppl who think he’s just as good as mcdavid and better than matthews. draisaitl has also gotten 2nd place selke votes💀.

@HockeyStatMiner It will be overshowed by trade Trouba and sign Draisaitl in 2025 👀.

@LeafsFanMd @FANate6 your so rattled about draisaitl vs matthews holy fack. draisaitl proved himself when it mattered and matthews didn’t. both unbelievable players but your just digging into the deepest grave to make yourself feel better about it. people wonder why everyone hates leaf fans..

@LeafsFanMd didnt Draisaitl also get like 1 less point in this run than Matthews has in his entire playoff career? If you want to tear down Leon, trying to use this postseason is an absolutely incompetent way to go about it.

@NoLimit_19 Yea man they had a good run this year, the only problem is Colorado being so strong to shut McDavid and Draisaitl down.

@LeafsFanMd Playoff scoring in 2022. McDavid 33 Pts in 16 GP Draisaitl 32 Pts in 16 GP #Oilers Career playoff scoring. Matthews 33 Pts in 39 GP Marner 33 Pts in 39 GP #Leafs That is all! Go pound sand!.

@LeafsFanMd Auston Matthews has had 0 playoff series wins in 6 years. Draisaitl had 2 this year alone.

@LeafsFanMd Leon Draisaitl dominated the second round of the playoff on a broken fucking ankle lmao.

@NotWesMcCauley @brayley91 draisaitl has never been the better of the two. like marner has never been better than matthews..

Kinda wild that McDavid and Draisaitl still sitting 1 and 2 in pts for the playoffs despite not even making the cup final @NHL.

@LeafsFanMd Yes. And, you are aware that Draisaitl was badly injured, but you still post this..

@drdrai2 Congrats to Leon Draisaitl on getting nothing this year except a new roommate in Mcdavid when his girlfriend threw him out of the mansion.

Draisaitl Photo,Draisaitl Photo by Tommy Gunn,Tommy Gunn on twitter tweets Draisaitl Photo

@LeafsFanMd @ShannonBaerwald Matthews was tied for 6th . That means 5 were ahead of Draisaitl and McDavid were 2 of them.

@kylie_kkm I get it, it’s okay for leaf fans to go after McDavid or Draisaitl for every little thing but a few hair jokes and your ready to freak out…like bald jokes just appeared now…heritage that’s a no go, and those I’ve seen have come from more than just Oiler fans..

@LeafsFanMd Austin Matthews had 0 series wins in 7 playoff games this season. Leon Draisaitl played 16 and had 2..

@ryantyke The only thing he does single handed lay is rub one out. He may even ask Draisaitl for a hand now and then..

@LeafsFanMd It must truly bother you that Draisaitl is an elite shooter and elite passer and Matthews is only an elite shooter.

@dhockey13 Matthews had to play one of best goalies in league and Draisaitl faced a team that was 3rd place in division with only +3 goal differential, then the flames(meh), then the Avs, who have an average NHL goalie. Come on man. The Pacific is the worst division in 😆😆.

@IndignantBeaver @champagnejassy Stole this tweet. Didn’t verify anything. Without McDavid on the ice, the Oilers are -40 goals. With McDavid on the ice, the Oilers are +120 goals. But I’ll add to it. And most of the season McDavid and Draisaitl were split up when not on the PP.

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