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MJ gambled till 4am the night before finals games. Rodman left town to smoke cigars with Hulk Hogan on WCW Nitro. I don’t think Draymond talking on YouTube for 30 mins sober in a hotel room is why they’re losing guys….

Look like Draymond was more prepped for his post game podcast than the actual game. Just an observation, never mind me tho. Carry on….

“Y’all were getting bullied” Draymond has a message for those who glorify the physicality of basketball in the 1980s and ‘90s 😂.

At some point the officials will need a backbone or it’s only going to get worse with Draymond. This is getting ridiculous.

So Draymond is just allowed to behave however he wants the rest of the game with no consequences because he got an early tech?.

Cedric Maxwell speaks his mind on Draymond 😳 (via @NBCSCeltics).

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Draymond just called out all the players that played in the 80s and 90s. “Y’all were getting bullied.”.

Rob Perez
Rob Perez

first 15 minutes of that Draymond podcast explaining why he had more fouls than points, rebounds, or assists going to sound like defense trial testimony..

Steve Kerr really talked about another team breaking the code while Draymond is out here every game like it’s Wrestlemania..

Draymond Green has turned into an offensive liability. Wish he could shoot as well as he talks you-know-what..

Draymond Being An Elite Asshole Who Pisses Everyone Off Is Exactly What These NBA Finals Needed.

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Oh bordel ça va dézinguer Draymond ce soir je prépare mes meilleures punchlines.

I fail to understand how Tristan Thompson used to dominate prime Al Horford but Bam and Draymond are getting dominated by an old Al Horford😪.

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Draymond gonna hop on his podcast after shooting 2-12 and you already know Warriors fans are gonna lose it lol..

Début compliqué dans ces NBA Finals pour Draymond Green 🥴.

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Draymond Green: “Quando você acerta arremessos você é o melhor, quando não acerta você é um time burro. Não é assim. Você tem que dar créditos ao Celtics, são um time muito forte de enfrentar.”.

the kindhearted people of Boston hosting calm and collected Draymond Green is going to be quite the show 🍿.

Thru 2 Games: Draymond Green has been called for more than 2X the amount of fouls than every Celtics starter except one..

Le Game 3 catastrophique de Draymond Green 😵‍💫 📺 Debrief complet du Game 3 :.

@957thegame Yea, tell Draymond to snap out of retirement mode and stop leaving dudes wide open!!.

Everyone whining about Draymond Green’s performance last night makes me laugh. The guy gave the Warriors EXACTLY what they needed. They were the butt of jokes for 72 hours. The Celtics were riding high. Draymond mucked up the game and got in shirts. It was a brilliant move..

AIPAC Draymond loves when his favorite lobbyists get loud at Chase Center!.

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@baitingpass As the team im going to front office like get rid of draymond we need to keep KD. If draymond gets traded KD stays 100%..

Pésimo segundo cuarto de Warriors. Pésimo, horrible. Draymond Green y Jordan Poole no se presentaron a jugar..

Yep !! Rudy and draymond not cool too Rudy will get smoked on that drop coverage defense he likes doing.

Steph les tabassait et on a décidé de remettre la balle dans les mains de l’immonde draymond, je comprendrai jamais sérieux.


This Warriors hot potato offense with Draymond at the break won’t work against Boston.

Oh, Draymond Green has atrocious games per series & everyone ignores he’s been elite in every other game lmao..

@NBCSWarriors He’s played garbage today it’s aggravating to watch my goodness omg come draymond play better and smarter offensively and defensively others need to step up while curry and Wiggins are on the bench come on.

@MlowFink draymond first 41/42 minutes and draymond last 6/7 minutes.

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