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Me when @MattShipmanVO brings up power #drstone #toonami

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Shinzu ✨ || CEO OF SENGEN 🔭🃏 ()

how the drst how other fandoms see fandom see Senku see Senku #DrStone #Senku

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Robert ()

Dragon Quest, VR, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Goku from Dragon Ball references. #DrStone Toonami (PST)

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I’m watching #DrStone and SAO and Demon Slayer now. I had to record it because I was watching a very lopsided fight earlier


Byakuya sure put a hell of a lot of faith in Senkuu to expect him to find a glass record thousands of years in the future. Well, it really did work out in the end. #DrStone #Toonami

やうやう ()

服の首部分はうばわれました #drstone #西園寺羽京

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R͙a͙c͙h͙e͙l͙ ͙R͙o͙b͙i͙n͙s͙o͙n Voice ()

If you can taste a damn rainbow, you can catch a sound. Plus it’s the history of vinyl - only not vinyl. #DrStone

Shelby. ()

@caitlinsvoice @kriscomics Lillian’s music. What a finale. Thank you everyone. Stoked for the following season. #drstone

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Why is #DrStone trending? and why are people tweeting about seeing the last episode of season 1 now. The first season ended months ago and season 2 was confirmed at the last episode. Im so confused right now

Chloe von Einzbern - JRPG/Anime/AnimeLoliFan ()

Spring is approaching and with it, the Stone War will begin. Time to get excited! #DrStone

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Tony “Hispanic Goofy Disneyland Traveler” Bermudez ()

Only thing I’m disappointed about #DrStone is they didn’t make one of these

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Who Trended it ? ()

Now this is classy. @BrittanyLaudaVO is responsible for trending #DrStone in the US-of-A. Even as a cold hearted robot, I am impressed.

Dear Darlene ()

Wish I had cable so I could watch #DrStone. At least there are alternatives. Always late to the party.

Corey Katona ()

Season 2 confirmed! Time to get excited! Well done @FUNimation! This one’s a keeper! #DrSTONE #Toonami

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Brittany Lauda ()

Me when @MattShipmanVO brings up power #drstone #toonami

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