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Vuvevic just got tossed with double technical fouls, both of which Schröder hit, and LeBron hit his first FT (from initial foul) before a Bulls time out. If he makes the 2nd, LAL can trim the deficit to 10. Backup center Drummond - who scored 8 points in his 8 minutes - is in..

BULLS 118, Lakers 108 Zach: 32 on 13/19 DeMar: 17-6-10 Coby: 13-7-6 Drummond: 12-8 Vooch ejected in 2nd quarter GREAT win.

nosso erro é achar que o lakers n é capaz de tomar uma masterclass de uns perebinha. Coby White, Andre Drummond, enfim, as páginas do bulls que eu sigo pedem a decapitação dos citados hoje os cara comeram a gente..

Pra destacar: DeMar DeRozan e os reservas ganharam este jogo lá no 1º os Lakers nunca mais viram este jogo. Zach LaVine foi um MONSTRO no segundo tempo, 19º jogo de 30 PTS pra ele em 2022-23. Andre Drummond foi MONSTRO, substituindo o ejetado Vucevic. BIG WIN BULLS!!.

Drummond Photo,Drummond Photo by Pisou Na Linha 🏀🇧🇷,Pisou Na Linha 🏀🇧🇷 on twitter tweets Drummond Photo

What jumps out to you? For me: -Rui DNP -Beasley 27 minutes despite brick a thon. -Lonnie taking Rui’s minutes, not Beasley’s. -Wenyen got destroyed today by Vuc/Drummond. We need a backup center..

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One thing I’ll say about this: I disagree with the ejection, but it’s worked out well for the Bulls. Vuc was a -5. Drummond has been kicking AD’s ass..

And he was talking spicy after the okc game when the reporter asked him about Bev’s comments lol… he got completely dominated by Drummond tonight lol.

Drummond is Bulls only big man left with 3 PF. If he’s out, Bulls may lose this. Feed AD and make him get fouled..

Josh Smith started all the games he played in Detroit. but when you put Josh Smith next to Drummond & Greg Monroe shits gonna stink.

@BrasilAD Do escorado do Davis tu não fala porra nenhuma, não consegue fazer nada pra cima do ANDRE DRUMMOND.

Arbitragem ajuda a gente pela primeira vez na temporada e mesmo assim o AD está sendo macetado pela porra do Andre Drummond. Hoje tá frustrante demais, desisto..

They gave Drummond a flagrant on a ghost foul while AD is fading away 💀💀 dawg Adam Silver really put in the call.

Andre Drummond just picked up a flagrant foul for contesting a fadeaway jumper. The @OfficialNBARefs are an atrocious lot..


@MdsLakers Coby White vem jogando direitinho, chutando 40% em 3PT em 5 tentativas nos últimos 20 jogos, agora o Drummond tem que pegar o AD na paulada e mostrar o review desse jogo pra ele até quarta..

@carusothegoat_ Eu tenho alguns pontos a adicionar, o verdadeiro AD -> Andre Drummond, Troy Brown Jr (bulls legend) foi o unico jogador deles bom, Coby White um bancario melhor que Lebron, Zach já é um SG melhor que qualquer outro da historia do Lakers, Bev é maior que o lakers - Jovem Aprendiz.

Nah fr tho AD isn’t good. At multiple times in today’s game he was being guarded by either Andre Drummond or Derrick Jones Jr & only managed to drop 15 & 9. You gotta trade him while he’s got value..

@_relfa @LALakersFR On s’est fait tabassée le derrière avec un AD qui c’est fait sonner pas Drummond dans la raquette et c’est cette action a 2 bal qui nous fais perdre?? Mais MDR.

@REBELheIS Dude wtf back to under .500 this dude 5 fouls he was getting bullied by Drummond..

Bro the Cavs 3rd quarter scaries are real. Scared as fuck to see this in the playoffs.

These Lakers fans are lazy at analyzing what they watch man. This nigga AD got out played by Drummond but we blaming rotations lmao..

@Rome_Beast And @Rome_Beast what’s Andre Drummond biggest weakness? Pick and roll. And we ran no pick and roll all 2nd half..

4 shots attempts against a Vuc and Drummond anchored defense lol.

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Um jogo físico de poucos pontos no garrafão com o Ad sofrendo com o Drummond e o Ham apenas assistindo essa merda ao invés de trazer o Hachimura ou outro pro lugar do Schroder.

Drummond taking the bump and touch AD route. That’s a page out of the Draymond book of Defense..

@scottymac5 Yeah Drummond has always been a beast under the rim. Defo a bullshit call on Vuj tho 🤣🤣🤣.

THE FRONT CAR shepherds pie bill drummond typography stamps careens into the fall bill drummond Feeling silly, he tries another.

Davis doesn’t like playing with Lebron bra because wtf is this 8pts and he is being guarded by Drummond.

@LakersNation With Vusevic out for the rest of the game, it would be nice to get a 4th foul on Drummond around about now..

@JamesEdrick3 Just foul Drummond out of the game with Bron and Davis inside. This moron as a coach is a joke..

@LakersNation Answer: make AD plays. Sure Drummond scores offensively but defensively no match for AD. He should drive to the basket and Ham should make sure of it. When our shooting is hot and cold why aren’t our best guy in paint is not having plays drawn to get baskets? 😭.

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