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🚨 THE KNICKS MADE A PICK AND KEPT IT 🚨 Trevor Keels, a sturdy Duke shooting guard selected at no. 42 as the sole pick of the night for New York..

I actually really love the Keels pick… Duke’s third leading scorer at only 18 years old? Lots of potential to work with #NewYorkForever.

Taylor Swift dropping a song called “Carolina” … on the night Duke has a No. 1 pick in the NBA draft ….

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They show Duke, Auburn, Kentucky and Ignite picks but then show Arizona in the graphic with 3 lol fuck ESPN forever.

@RealSwishList ringer and sports illustrated both did. big do it all duke guy in the draft right after ingram and tatum had shown they could translated.

16. ATL - 🇺🇸 AJ Griffin (Duke) 17. HOU (from BKN) - 🇺🇸 Tari Eason (LSU) 18. CHI - 🇺🇸 Dalen Terry (Arizona) 19. MIN - 🇺🇸 Jake LaRavia (Wake Forest) 20. SAS (from TOR) - 🇺🇸 Malaki Branham (Ohio State).

Not Jordan picking a Duke Guy. I can’t believe it. Is it because there were no heels in the lottery? lol lol.

@Frovs @JoeEngelhardt4 Joe is just scared that the number 2 guy from Zags is gonna be better than his Duke boy being picked 1.

Just saw Mark went to Charlotte. Not ideal, but maybe with Ball they can put together a team. Seen AJ went to the Hawks. I think thats a great place for him as long as they dont misuse him like they did Reddish. Still some Duke players out there. 3 in top 16 is big though!.

@sportingnews @DukeMBB 4 busts and a guy who played 9 games for Duke and chose to sit out.

@duke_snake OZにぃさん! おはようございます☀️ お互い頑張りましょう🤗.

First Cam Reddish Now AJ Griffin #TrueToAtlanta loves drafting the Duke wing players.

@mindys4Biden Do I look like a Superhero? Hell, no, because I’m not one. Marge and Turtle Man can duke it out. If they don’t both fall off, I might consider doing a solid for America and giving an assist with my foot….

The University of Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum has unveiled the first official joint portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge..

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Royal Kingdom Family Member of the Buckinham Palace relative features in Duke of Crambridge..

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Would’ve got a low C/high C- but Duke tax brings the grade down.

@WillGuillory What percentage of the 👀 emoji is it because you are watching a Duke player getting blocked for you Will?.

The Keels pick gets a D from me he’s young and showed talent at Duke but it’s not enough he’s just a slightly better Trevon Duval would be shocked it he’s ever a valuable rotation piece in the NBA.

@whoisAG21 You & @TheTraeYoung going to be a problem man for real go Duke and good luck in the league.

@eIimoorefan he can be a good player but he should not have been in the draft this , should’ve done another year at duke.

@TrevorKeels should’ve came back to duke for another year 😴 would’ve been a top 10 pick next year…go and show them why you should’ve been drafted higher now 💪🏽.

2022 NBA Draft picks 41-50: Lindell(Ohio State) Keels(Duke) Diabate(Michigan) Rollins(Toledo) Minoff(Memphis) Kamagate(France) Williams Jr(VCU) Brown(Baylor).

@stephenasmith Do you like the Knicks Draft pick of Trevor Kneels out of Duke 💯🏀.

@fredster25_real In a Royal meeting when Francesco was introduced to all the other Goetias as the duke’s new heir.

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