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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 11:38 PM IST

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Tom Dundon bet all his money on America wanting a spring football league and now the Canes can’t afford a goalie

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@JVitek94 @DetroitRedWings Jako všem tam. Další důkaz že OS nebyl úplně ústřel. Dundon je 😁

@Tylerlakecanes @DetroitRedWings Where this will really suck is if Bernier tests the open market, signing elsewhere. Ned is mid 20s, Bernier early 30s. Then we get a 3rd round pick and nothing else. Dumping salary today to avoid costs tomorrow? Not a surprise move by Dundon at all.

Dundon must be broke, not sure how that is possible the used car market is on fire. So many questions, ill hang up and listen for a while.

Yzerman has acquired a majority stake in TopGolf from Tom Dundon in exchange for Adam Erne. Tyler Bertuzzi has agreed to an 8 year extension ($1M AAV) that includes with free TopGolf visits during the contract period.

I bet Dundon somehow always forgets his wallet when he goes out with his friends

Canes traded their young stud goalie for nothing because basically Dundon didn’t won’t to pay him. You get what you pay for or don’t pay for if you’re the Canes.

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Dundon Photo,Dundon Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Steve Yzerman has pictures on Tom Dundon. No way we couldn’t pay 3 million

@ShutdownLine I agree 100%. I trust Dundon and the GMBC. So far, they have kept the team moving in the right direction so far. Maybe we hear something more positive about Dougie and Svech soon but not helpful on Dougie.

Tom Dundon Savings Bank strikes again. Get what you pay for, bud.

@drosennhl How much you wanna bet Dundon is gonna squeeze the 3 of them with identical 1 yr contracts and see who bites on the chance for an NHL net

@SigurRay Tom Dundon is cheap fuck, could be as simple that. Evidently they offered him $ per.

Fuck Tom Dundon and fuck Don Waddell. And you know what. Fuck RBA for letting this happen.

@CapFriendly @Hockeyagent We’re already losing dougie which leave enough cap space. Dundon is worth billion. How can he not afford to pay one of the best young goalies in the league 6 mil 🤦🏼‍♂️

No way Waddell pulled the trigher on this one. Dundon must be at it again. Refused to pay a good young upcoming goaltender and traded him for #TakeWarning @NotTomDundon

@kpetry101 dundon, waddell, whoever. the carolina hurricanes made this trade, and the carolina hurricanes will be worse because of it.

Ned wanted $ Apparently Tom Dundon is cheap af. It’s gonna be fun watching #TakeWarning crash and burn this year

@tdias_5115 @Steve_Dangle Ive been fighting the notion that Dundon is cheap for a few years now, but between Dougie and Ned, I don’t know what to think anymore

@Hockeyagent What the FUCK. CALDER TROPHY FINALIST WANTS TO GET PAID and Dundon tells him to fuck off

Interesting idea. The Canes have a lot of flexibility right now. But I’m not sure if Dundon wants the goalie to be the star for his team.

@worstcanesacct *thinks back to how we were with Cam Ward after the 2006 * he played great in the 2nd half of this season yes, if he was seeking the sample size is too small to justify it right now. With dundon, everything is business. Emotions get (mostly) left at the door

I would like to thank the hockey gods for blessing #MNWILD with a Craig Leipold instead of a cheap ass like Tom Dundon.

@lexivas Notice how it all started declining once Dundon bought the team? All about the bottom line w/him.

@frank_seravalli Rumor has it that Dundon wanted to pay league minimum and $1 million in Advance Auto Parts store credit for Ned

@SvechAndBeans @CaniacZach Charlie if Dundon wanted Nedelkjovic back Nedelkjovic would be back and you know that, don’t act that stupid dude.

@danriccio_ Dont forget, Dundon has no problem paying is players and give front loaded

1) That tracks for Dundon. 2) It also tracks that the Canes, who make analytics based decisions, would be wary of Ned’s long term viability after he got hot.

Tom Dundon bet all his money on America wanting a spring football league and now the Canes can’t afford a goalie

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