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I was not a fan of Kevin Samuels. I disagreed with most of what he said. But there are others that God could’ve taken instead: George Zimmerman Kyle Rittenhouse Carolyn Bryant Jason Van Dyke Dylan Roof Timothy Loehmann Ron DeSantis Greg Abbott Several US Senators/SCOTUS judges.

These are the days I wish more of us remembered Clementa Pinckney rather than Dylan Roof..

Nauseated over the racist shooting in Buffalo. It’s Dylan Roof all over again. Americas has a real white supremacist problem and there’s a direct correlation with toxic messaging from Tucker Carlson, Nick Fuentes and plenty of others from the January 6th crowd..

Somehow this POS KILLS 10 PEOPLE and still walks out and gets his due process. I wonder if they took him to BK like they did Dylan Roof. 🤔 Thinking of the Philando Castile murder at times like this. 😔RIP.

@BretagnePoint Does Dylan Roof ring a bell? He murdered black worshippers at a church. It was racially motivated. Just like this one in Buffalo..

The Buffalo Supermarket mass shooter was motivated by the likes of Dylan Roof and Brenton Tarrant. Speaking of Dylan Roof, here’s how he was treated in #BuffaloNY #buffalonewyork.

Dylan Roof Photo,Dylan Roof Photo by SJSU’s,SJSU’s on twitter tweets Dylan Roof Photo

I got a question for Buffalo so Dylan Roof got to go to Burger King after killing black where did y’all feed this racist terrorist since y’all safely arrested him after he murdered 10 innocent black people in cold blood?.

@Gn0me0perator @Cernovich All his heroes are hardcore right-wingers like Dylan Roof & he subscribes to replacement theory, which is fascist lunacy. The idea some 18 year old is a communist because he says he was when he was 12 is asinine. Neither of you nor the shooter know what communism is. Typical 🇺🇸.

@ananavarro @IAmSophiaNelson And Pittsburgh. He mentioned Crucias, Breivek (Norway), John Earnest (Chabad of Poway), and Dylan Roof in his manifesto. 4Chan enthusiast who feared the replacement of the white race..

@DonaldJTrumpJr What would Dylan Roof say? Looks like the killer himself had a “political extermination” motive based on race..

Dylan Roof Photo,Dylan Roof Photo by RandomWinston1984,RandomWinston1984 on twitter tweets Dylan Roof Photo

@AnonSaged I see people really forgot Dylan Roof walked into a black church and took their lives in South Carolina. Officers took him to Burger King after the shooting..

Investigators are looking at multiple online postings that may be associated with the shooter that include praise for South Carolina church shooter Dylan Roof and the New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant, according to sources..

Did they take the mass shooter in Buffalo to Burger King too after he murdered 10 people, most of whom were black, like they did for Dylan Roof?.

Another shooting of innocent This one with racist undertones that reminds me of Dylan Roof. Prayers for lives lost #BuffaloNY.

@kenji555 @AttorneyCrump Just like Dylan roof I heard prison guards serving him three piece chicken dinners..

@markojvwrites @JesseKellyDC He was 18. His mindset is the product of your liberal world that spent the last 2 years shytting on white people. I predicted this with Dylan Roof, and it will continue to happen until you little shytz stop with your own racism..

Multiple online postings [believed to be from] the Buffalo shooter include praise for South Carolina church shooter Dylan Roof and the New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant..

Dylan Roof was a prime example killed people that welcomed him into the church and this dude looked up to him and shot up a grocery store like wtf.

Crying liberals blaming Trump, when the shooter stated he was motivated by shooters like Dylan Roof and 4chan, and never mentions Trump. If the FBI spent time finding these type of terrorists online, instead of fake investigations, they may have caught him earlier..

Dylan Roof Photo,Dylan Roof Photo by Stefanie Daubert🇺🇸Truth Social @StefanieDaubert,Stefanie Daubert🇺🇸Truth Social @StefanieDaubert on twitter tweets Dylan Roof Photo

@AverageSavant @QasimRashid technically, for dylan roof, they never took him to burger king. that was a miscommunication. because he was in the station, they have to treat him humanely, even if he did go and shoot up a church in a racist fit. when he stated that he was hungry, they went to get him food 1/2.

This is like playing wack-a-mo if you don’t address the culture that breeds it. This guy is 18 years old. Dylan Roof is in his 20s. These are not old men..

@JColey716 Dylan Roof, Patrick Crusius sought out Americans of color to kill, too. Like Buffalo murderer, they were white & taken into custody. Mass murderer of color would be filled with so much lead it would take a forklift to get his body into coroner’s meat wagon..

@Cernovich He’s a replacement theory fascist. Looked up to Dylan Roof and said he moved to the right. You’re a lying dog and you will see your day.

It sucks knowing that we’r just gonna keep having fuckers like the Buffalo shooter and Dylan Roof happen until people in power can confront the powder-keg of racist fascism in our country instead of ignoring it or courting it for votes..

The burning question everybody should have is, did the cops pull a Dylan Roof on this shooter and take him to Burger King for a meal after murdering a bunch of black folk?.

@akinsonglobal Son, this isn’t Kyle Rittenhouse. This is like Dylan Roof. You need to understand and live in America and actually know how to compare actual similar situations..

@RN_Laing @RickySmelser Some Dylan Roof obsessed maniac shot a ton of people in a Buffalo supermarket according to ABC.

@AustinKellerman @news4buffalo White supremacist always getting off easy just like when Dylan Roof got taken to Burger King when he was arrested..

Dylan Roof Photo,Dylan Roof Photo by ᴍɪᴍɪ’ꜱ ʀᴇɪɢɴ ᴡ*ɴ’ᴛ ʟᴇᴛ 🆙,ᴍɪᴍɪ’ꜱ ʀᴇɪɢɴ ᴡ*ɴ’ᴛ ʟᴇᴛ 🆙 on twitter tweets Dylan Roof Photo

@GOTCITYTEA Dylan Roof or Roaf whatever his white supremacist ass name was taken into custody similarly.

@Blacklanderz WHITE perpetrator was taken into custody. Dylan Roof was taken into custody. Patrick Crusius was taken into custody..

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