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#Easier is top 10 on the Australian Spotify charts. See you soon Aussies. Just a couple more weeks!!!.

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@furan The spring kits are easier as the instructions are quite clear and there are no parts to lose ( just wires ). The Elegoo Arduino kits are an amazing value - but can be overwhelming with loose parts..

Leaving Easton at College for Kids this week was much easier thanks to 2 Timberland graduates working as counselors, Sam Marty and Troy Roberts! #WSDproud.


@thighyes bye i wish i was white enough to be dyxng just from adding red chili powder everything would be so much easier.

I’m so mad we keep finding out about these lifehacks that make life so much easier after struggling for years.

@WalterMaselli I heard Steve Williams came out of retirement to caddie for Jason Day. 🤔 I’m pretty sure Mikey could find some young dude on the cusp of winning easier than Jordan could find someone to babysit him..

#Easier is top 10 on the Australian Spotify charts. See you soon Aussies. Just a couple more weeks!!!.

Our MV for #EASIER has reached 17 MILLION views. Thanks for falling into the new era of the group!.

Whenever you watch an athlete that’s truly great like MJ, Federer, Ronaldo, Kobe, Brady they make it look somewhat effortless. It’s not, of course, but maybe due to the years of dedication, things look easier. More natural. Brooks Koepka has this quality. An ease to his greatness.

influencers are so lucky because I feel like we have a much easier time making friends and connecting socially due to not holding typical jobs and having a lot of extra time.

@5HAHEM @ChampagnePuthy Well personally I understand what you’re saying I’ve been evaluating my identity a lot more lately which is something I pushed away but it’s easier to go by labels people easily digest (hence my response “all of us?”).

it doesn’t get any easier without you, happy fathers day dad 🖤 i miss you so much. i love you to the moon & back 🌙.


😂😂So true but it’s easier to say I’m from the Detroit area.


happy sunday to all of the kids who refer to their dad in the past tense even though he’s not dead, it’s just easier..

@mtsw @Chris_arnade YIMBYism/building closer together saves farm land, makes housing cheaper, is more energy efficient, screws over the car companies, saves people commuting time, and reduces overall emissions. It makes social housing construction much easier and more likely..

@gindaanis Sympathetic legislators are easier to But you also need the push, IMO..

“The reason you can never stay happy is because it’s so easy for you to be offended. If you want to make it easier to stay happy. Make it harder for you to be offended.” @stevenfurtick.

@C_Stroop You’re welcome! We could even take you sailing. The pacific ocean has a way of making life easier..

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I cannot believe it’s nearly been three years since I lost you. I think about you every day, and there are so many things I wish I could share with you. The world just feels wrong without you, and it doesn’t get any easier. ❤️.


- I’m sure you it’s just easier to ignore things when it’s just you one feeling that way.

@Valkyrie_Fleur @saltydkdan its still dumb for a person to need to do so when he can so easily credit the artist, you shouldnt use it as an excuse, i think watermarks are good for finding the artist more easily but you should still link their profile since its a lot easier for people.

@JoyceWhiteVance It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. _ Frederick Douglass.

Maya was a easier than Marvelous Designer, for people who just touch 3D model, Marvelous Designer is more complex and better for those who already know how to make 3D animation..

@SALSIKandar But lower the number of overs, easier it will be for Pakistan. But I fear they will be bundled out within 150..

have any of you tried the #easier filter on Snapchat? if so, send us your selfies below! (make sure to use the hashtag and tag @5SOS in them too!!).

Spot on. As I wrote back in 2015, to much criticism, our Party will never learn from its past mistakes unless it has an honest appraisal of them. We did many good things in Govt. But the bottom line is we made it easier for the bankers to trash the economy.

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