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It’s so awesome that they keep showing Edwin Diaz’s entrance on the broadcast. Let’s make this a regular thing across MLB.

Edwin Díaz was electric tonight against his former team. 6 whiffs on 9 swings His average fastball was mph, that’s mph higher than his average this season..

@WardyNYM Let’s not forget about Edwin Diaz dominate performance with 3 K’s to close it out vs. his former team, and dialing it up to 100 MPH. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Between this shot and playing Edwin Diaz’s entrance, the SNY director had a 100-point game tonight.

It’s great to see Edwin Diaz shake off the past few years and show consistency as a closer..

I think I figured out Edwin Diaz’s warm up lyrics: 🎶🎺We won the trade! We won the trade! We won the trade And we really won the trade! We won the trade We REAlly won the trade! Van WAgenen still sucked But we really won the trade!!!🎶🎺 Hopefully this makes sense. 😜.

@TalkinBaseball_ The Mets are putting stock and value in entertainment by branding, Edwin Diaz, fans clearly know what’s coming when he enters the game, fan engagement. 👌.

The #mets are good, but who exactly would close games if Diaz gets injured? The bullpen will need to be upgraded at some point if they want to go deep in the postseason. Also, no more Edwin Diaz slander allowed. Dude is elite.

Trading away Edwin Diaz is the one trade that I will never forgive Jerry Dipoto for..

Final out at a rainy Citi Field. Edwin Díaz strikes out Winner and gets the save against his former team! #LGM Delayed and wet but worth the wait!.

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