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THE DAWGS RUN THIS STATE! @HailStateFB wins the Egg Bowl 🥚🏆.

Egg Bowl Photo,Egg Bowl Photo by SEC Network,SEC Network on twitter tweets Egg Bowl Photo

Things I was right about 1. Winning the egg bowl 2. Ole Miss having the weakest environment in the SEC west.

is this a safe space for me to mention that i didn’t realize there was a third NFL game on today? like, a bunch of people started tweeting about plays that weren’t happening in the egg bowl and i realized there was more NFL.

Hey friends, hope you had a wonderful day. I had lots of laughs and hope you all did too. My brother surprised us and we laughed our ass off watching the egg bowl. Btw, we don’t like either team so that’s why it was so fun🤣.


Lane Kiffin doesn’t plan on leaving Ole Miss following Egg Bowl loss, even if Auburn offers job. Is he still playing games?.

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French Silk Pie from scratch. If you’re weird about using raw egg and don’t want to use egg substitute, heat it in a glass bowl over simmering hot water with sugar, constantly stirring, until it gets to 160 degrees. Cooks off bacteria but maintains liquidity..

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@Lane_Kiffin I know you are discouraged after losing the Egg Bowl but us Ole Miss fans are so happy and thankful that you are our coach. We love you and your kids (including Juice, of course) at Ole Miss. You have done so much for our school and town and we are so grateful!.

The biggest contribution I made to lunch today was making everyone sit down and listen to me tell the absolute saga of getting my Taylor Swift tickets. Also sitting on my couch and praying during the Egg Bowl. A Happy Thanksgiving for sure🤠.

For those of you deciding the things that State did wrong to win The Egg Bowl: THEY HEAR YOU🏀⚾️🏈⚽️🎾🥎.

That was probably the ugliest game I’ve watched the entirety of since… *sigh* the 2013 Egg Bowl..

@TBob53 Quick, open a window.😂 Listen to Lane Kiffin call out Jon Sokoloff after the Egg Bowl loss. Geaux TIGERS !!!.

@MinimiseOCE @_skyeSG cook noodles, in bowl mix seasoning pack, kewpie Mayo, 1 egg, spring onion, chilli etc. right b4 noodles r cooked add some cooking water to the bowl mix it till eggs cook a bit and it all is nice and happy together like a family and then add noodles mix enjoy ez.

@maven_marlon @_SouthernBellee 😭😂 as punishment, Ima need her to text me “good morning, Black king” until the next Egg Bowl….

As I go to bed I have two thoughts on my mind: I am really excited about the World Cup matches tomorrow and oddly optimistic about the US/England match. And I hope tonight’s Egg Bowl win is the jumping off point for a great run during the Leach era at MSU..

Xavier McGee and Taylor Wells at the Egg Bowl. From Titans to Bulldog and a Rebel. 📸: Taylor Wells.

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@MinimiseOCE @_skyeSG make chilli oil noodles put mince garlic and scallion and sesame with the packet of noodle seasoning into bowl then pour hot oil. put cooked noodles then top with fried egg on top thank me later.

Biggest play of the Egg Bowl @HailStateFB was a loss on the fumble recovery by @TuluuuuuG ultimate hustle play!!!.


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Last thing I’ll say about the egg bowl is that @Calhoun__23 got his boys right! Heck of a coach.

Lane Kiffin doesn’t plan on leaving Ole Miss following Egg Bowl loss, even if Auburn offers job. Is he still playing games?.

@jeff75fox @BigGameBoomer The Egg Bowl has real history, a storied rivalry between two teams from the same state with far more cultural depth around them than two corporate franchises. I get that the NFL game has significance to the playoffs, but the NFL just feels far too generic & bland IMO..

So many crazy plays in Egg Bowl tonight but I am especially thankful Tulu Griffin hustled and recovered Rogers fumble in first half!!!!.

Good evening Twitter…. We have lost or pride and hope as ole miss rebel fans. Not much is worse than a egg bowl loss after a promising season. We will prevail though, it will be 365 days but we will prevail..

2022 Egg Bowl Champions!!! Hail STATE!!! Wrap It In Maroon and White!!!.

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@robbiefaulk247 @BFW such a shame you publicly harassed him for something he didn’t do. You’re both such clowns. #joke although you won the egg bowl, you put the wrong person on blast #shame.

@celebrityhottub This is my CFB fandom origin story. Just being beaten to death by the lions over and over and over again as a gateway drug to the egg bowl.

Man. What a day of entertainment. Parade (big time rush performed) plus minion/ bluey float Bills lions was great Enough of a window for lunch Cowboys giants was good enough especially early Egg bowl was bananas Pats Vikings was great Bama hoops was good as well.

@SpartanHoops_DK You’re correct the tournament could schedule better, but ranting about November SEC football being on TV compared to November college basketball is off when it comes to TV rating and $. Pretty for sure even people from Alabama would rather watch the Egg Bowl over Bama basketball..

@DudyNobleField No yall wo. The egg bowl. Where is the baseball national championship.

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