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This has truly been a dream 💭. The last episode of the #Elementary airs tomorrow at 10/9c..

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Hoping to be picked to be the featured teacher 🙏🏻! I’m a traveling elementary computer teacher, ina low income district, with 3 rooms and 800 students. I’m hoping to make my room more inviting and engaging for the students! Thanks for sharing!.

Eu sei que eu geralmente não posto opiniões aqui, mas, O FUCKING FINAL DE ELEMENTARY.

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One of the #AR resources our elementary students love to use with our tech integrationist @griffo555 (pictured). @Clever_Books redefining how maps are used. #sja_jeju.

remember in elementary school when sharpening your pinkie and stapling your fingers were cool.

Bakit ka naman ganyan, dada? Sana natulog na lang ako kesa nagpuyat para manood ng love of the condor heroes nung elementary.

Naay nagask sa ako if sa central ba daw ko nagschool? As in butuan central elementary school? Tas what grade daw? Potek di pwede grade 6? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AMPOTA GRADE 3 PA ATA KO YES MAMSER COLLEGE NA PO AKO.

@TrancewithEmma I remember being fingerprinted like that in my elementary school library and every time I remember it I want to stab my parents in the throat MOM AND DAD IF A SLIP OF THE THUMB AND YOUR DIPSHIT IDEA GETS ME ARRESTED FOR FURTHERING THE REVOLUTION WE’RE NOT FAMILY.

Human beings on the earth are just like elementary school pupils looking from the point of view of the whole universe. Then why those extraterrestrials are eager to help us to ascend from the level of elementary school to that of of junior high school?.

i just found out all cows are female, and the male “cow” are bulls. my elementary never tought me this im-.

@Elementary_CBS Thank you for a great 7 years. The ending was classic and well written. We need more shows of this caliber on network tv.

@Remember_Sarah It was just on my tv during the last episode of Elementary! I had to tell you immediately! She’s wearing skates in an office! It’s weird!.

Thanks for nothing @CBSNewYork cheating fans out of the #Elementary series finale is a sure way to keep me from ever subscribing to your damn app.

I recently rediscovered @Elementary_CBS and so glad I did. Tonight’s finale was one of the best series wraps ever. Kudos to the #Elementary team for a job well done. You’ll be missed..

@Naomiwo67239152 @JessicaSchrufer I am an Elementary Special Education Teacher Resource and Behavior. Anything helps and is greatly appreciated 📚🍎🥰🦅🎁.

@Elementary_CBS @ELEMENTARYStaff Thank you for such a well written, well acted, and truly incredible show. My wife and I have watched every episode since number 1 and are proud to call it “our show.” The finale checked every box. Well done! #Elementary.

@chronic Have you heard about the #clearthelist movement? Teachers and students across the USA are being supported. Would you be able to help? I’m an elementary computer teacher, with 800 students, from PA. #PayItForward.

@rifkirikanan @prmnkaka oke om , ntar coba pasang elementary lagi deh , hehe boleh tanya tanya lagi kan om ? masih bingung pas install tapi make doang bisa 😂😂🤣🙏.

#Elementary, u will be missed! 🔍🕵️🕵️‍♀️🐢.

Simarkus kids in elementary holding Simon’s hand because he doesn’t want him to get cute dogs on his papers to make him smile. Simon laughing with him during lunch and sharing his snacks. Markus protects him from bullies while they read during playtime.

@journeymomteach @RiseUpFdn I am an Elementary Special Education Teacher Resource and Behavior. Anything helps and is greatly appreciated 📚🍎🥰🦅🎁.

@Elementary_CBS loved this show, will miss you guys, great stories every week, thank you..

@Elementary_CBS Although I am going to miss this show, I am glad the elementary writers showed everyone how to end a show the right way. What a perfect send off for Sherlock and Watson! #Elementary.

You are not your job. You are so much more. This elementary school surprised their ‘superhero’ custodian with an appreciation party.

Some things have to be broken down to be built back up. The series finale of #Elementary airs tonight at 10/9c on @CBS and @CBSAllAccess..

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This has truly been a dream 💭. The last episode of the #Elementary airs tomorrow at 10/9c..

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