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I was this old when I found out @MichaelBlackson is Eli Apple’s uncle.

.@MichaelBlackson on the memes NFL fans make of his nephew, Eli Apple:.


Rankings the AFC North cornerbacks 1) Denzel Ward 2) Marlon Humphrey 3) Chidobe Awuzie 4) Marcus Peters 5) Greg Newsome 6) Mike Hilton 7) Akhello Witherspoon 8) Levi Wallace 9) Cam Sutton 10) Greedy Williams 11) Eli Apple 12) Cam Taylor-Britt.

Eli Apple has played an important role on the defense regardless of the hate. He’s playing the best of his career & don’t be surprised if he plays even better this year. #Bengals.

Eli Apple Photo,Eli Apple Photo by Drake Burton,Drake Burton on twitter tweets Eli Apple Photo

Eli Apple is not CB1. He’s like CB4. Put some respect on Chido..

#Bengals CB depth (as of now): CB - Chidobe Awuzie, Cam Taylor-Britt, Allan George CB - Eli Apple, Cam Taylor-Britt, Tre Flowers, John Brannon, Delonte Hood slot-CB - Mike Hilton, Dax Hill, Jalen Davis, Brendan Radley-Hiles, Abu Daramy-Swaray.

@PFF You put Eli Apple on this list? Cheetah eating burnt toast from breakfast that game lmao.

@nflrums People act like Eli Apple didn’t have 2 good games against Hill last year and yes Eli covered him most the games..


Eles acharam q não notaríamos o Eli apple no meio, mas nós notamos.

@PFF Page really just posted Eli Apple for attention. He’s our CB4 lmao. Chidobe Awuzie, save the name.

@iceup89 He has Eli Apple circled on his calendar so he knows what day he can break the single game receiving record.

y’all playing 😂😂y’all actually got to be doing this on purpose. ELI APPLE? is on THIS? A FEATURED CORNER? YOU FR?.

@PFF It’s really wack you put Eli Apple who isn’t even the Bengals CB1 just to get attention..

We not gonna ignore the fact that y’all just slid Eli Apple into this like he’d be a problem 😂😂.

@BengalYouTube He circled Eli Apple because that’s the day he’ll break the record for most receiving yards in a game.

PFF casual as hell for calling Eli Apple the CB1 for the Bengals. Hell even our CB1 is up in the air right now.

1. Why is Eli apple on here? 2. Why is sauce Gardner getting credit with top players already?.

Eli Apple only on here for laughs cause Awuzie the best CB on that team.

You really put Eli Apple in there and thought we wouldn’t notice?.

Absolute A+ shitposting putting Eli Apple on here. Social media manager stat padding those engagement metrics..

Only reason he marked Week 4 is because that’s gonna be his career game. Eli Apple ain’t shit.

Yoo @OfficiallyIce I searched “Eli Apple” to check the off season vibes. And well. Lol.

Eli Apple Photo,Eli Apple Photo by Johnny Mack Brown,Johnny Mack Brown on twitter tweets Eli Apple Photo

Eli fucking apple lmao. Tyreek could walk his routes and still have 100yards.

@mikefountains Eli Apple isnt even Bengals CB1. Chidobe Awuzie is lol They put Eli on here for reactions.

@PFF Why put Eli apple there? We get it they have beef. We all know he’s not the CB1/2……y’all children.

@PFF Eli Apple will be competing for the CB2 job for the Bengals in training camp. Awuzie is the Bengals CB1.

@doopsterwhodat He had 120 yards and and a touchdown in TWO games with Patrick mahomes at QB. You think tua is better? Either way eli Apple isn’t CB1 on the bengals.

Ppl laughing at Eli Apple like Reek won’t cook every corner on this list. Waddle too..

No way they threw Eli Apple in there like nobody would notice 😂.

Eli apple getting burnt to a crisp by @MecoleHardman4 and @cheetah this year, book it bitch.

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