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Elise, the leak came from Trump. Trump declared on Truth Social at 7:30am he will be arrested on Tuesday. His spokesman issues a statement saying Trump had not written his post with direct knowledge of the timing of any arrest. So he not only leaked it but lied about it..

You already did, Elise. To my husband and many more. It’s just he didn’t do anything wrong so he’s not going to jail..

A l’époque il y avait déjà une omerta sur le sujet mais Elise Lucet et les journalistes étaient un peu plus courageux qu’en 2022. « Je peux vous dire qu’il y a des charniers d’enfants » procureur de la république. Allez-y défoulez-vous je ne suis qu’une complotiste à vos….

The Soros-backed woke prosecutor Alvin Bragg must testify under oath before Congress..

There are many members of Congress as despicable as Elise Stefanik. There is no member of Congress more despicable than Elise Stefanik..

Spot on from @ThePlumLineGS The utter lack of moral character from Republican elites like Chris Sununu and Mike Pence is disturbing and dangerous. Then there is the anti-Semitic baiting by the most vile like JD Vance. And the even more despicable like Elise Stefanik..

what if I made two smaller comics, one about Junip and one about could be awesome.

@EliseStefanik NO HE SHOULD NOT Elise forget that when Bragg took office, he inherit an ongoing investigation of Trump. The previous @GOP Manhattan prosecutors charged Trump’s company & its longtime finance chief with tax fraud. Where was her concern in 2019? #MAGACult.

Hoi Elise, wij vinden jou heel naar en je doet alsof je overal verstand van hebt. - Nee, dat klopt inderdaad wel van bijna alles!.

今思えば青森ギルドもトレードしておけばよかったかなと…(2-F出すから2-Aがほしい) #ガシャポンクエスト.

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@EliseStefanik Another mass shooting almost happened at a Tops in Upstate NY but Elise just keeps spewing hate..

Thank you for your donations Carla S Collins, Mike Maylone, Kathianne Morton, Becky L Cobb, Macheld V Vegchel Bossers, Elise Ney, DJ Morrison, Pamela , Maria Steele and Tinne Kaas Rasmussen #wildearth.


@EliseStefanik Lol. Elise the GOPs attempt to dismantle the rule of law on behalf of a career criminal are not going to work this time..

Que cotillas sois jajaja monógama y relación abierta no son antónimos pero la verdad que lo mío es mío y de nadie más Preguntadme cosas contesto hasta que no me aburra tanto.

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@EliseStefanik Anti-American extremist Elise Stefanik, heavily implicated in the George Santos fraud, proposes that politicians be immunized from the law..

@makuwauri_se トレードOKです。 ただ2次で回したので4月発送のものですが、よろしいでしょうか?.

No-to-Low Alcohol Drinking with Author Nicole Klauss.

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@EliseStefanik You are correct Elise, Criminal Trump should have been indicted years ago! He was rich, male, white, and well connected while involved in criminal enterprises, then he became president and was untouchable..

@b_lackman666 えっそんなヤバいやつだったのか…!! ブラックマン邸を家宅捜索しなければ….

Elise Photo,Elise Photo by Apocripha(星月エリス) 🐰🍭💧ガチャ爆死ンオー⭐️🌙,Apocripha(星月エリス) 🐰🍭💧ガチャ爆死ンオー⭐️🌙 on twitter tweets Elise Photo

@EliseStefanik Is Elise down in Florida helping her constituents vacationing down there?.

Exclusive - Elise Stefanik: Alvin Bragg Must ‘Testify Before Congress, Under Oath’ via @BreitbartNews.

@Elise_D_A He’s talking about foreign kewchie like it’s the housing market during the pandemic… These dudes are perpetually down bad 🤦🏾‍♂️.

今月のラン、400kmどころか300ギリ!?😨 帰省長男の看病だったりツーリングだったり.. たまにはいっか😆.

Elise gets it. Crazy how fast time goes. I remember when she first started and how nervous she was asking questions for the first time during the committee hearings. Now she is alot more fluid and stronger. Good for her..

For people who crap on her voting record, Elise Stefanik has been getting much better in her time in Congress. I didn’t think she would mix well with the hardcore MAGA Conservatives, but she’s proving otherwise. I’m happy she is speaking up unlike some of these phony….

@Glopossum I would cry because I love Junip so much but also cry because more Elise content.

@EliseStefanik Another corrupt member of the GOP. Our tax dollars should not subsidize your work for Donald Trump, Elise. Resign. Then join the other 🤡🤡 like Rudy, the Pillow Guy, and Costello. Clown yourself for Trump on your own dime. This is a misuse of public funds 🤡.

@EliseStefanik What are you afraid of Elise,does Trump has some thing on you to ?.

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おわりました~~~久々にスプラ配信した気がする ありがとうございました!!!!!!!明日はマダミス配信します1!!!!!!!.

@bisexualcrises but he sinisterly didn’t tell the cast the show was ending so he could steal their souls elise.

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