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  • A3: Leadership must be a partnership between all stakeholders. Instead of focusing on orgs to lead these efforts, we should focus on the people within stakeholder groups who can unite, facilitate communication & elicit mutual valuing. #SDOH #Engage4Health https://t.co/vJztbyQ29S

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  • @EMRAnswers Yes, take it to the people in a way they will receive it. The marketing world understands this. #Engage4Health

  • Dear Vendors, Please refrain from large tweets directing us to visit your booth in the middle of a tweetchat. We like to talk. engage with us instead of broadcasting a distraction #Engage4Health #tweetchatettiquitte #HIMSS18

  • Clinica Multi-Purpose Medical HTML Template Detail: https://t.co/eSBdtfw0Sv #HTML5 #CSS3 #JavaScript #bootstrap #clinic #doctor #hospital #pharmacy #GunReformNow #DidntMakeTheOlympicsBecause Moon River, Smashing Pumpkins, Aaron Feis #NoMuslimBanEver #Engage4Health https://t.co/au4N3yXG7e

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  • @HIMSS A3: We may be biased but we obviously feel tech companies will play a big role in leading these efforts. We can already see it happening for the US veteran population. We have big hopes for even further improved care for veterans in 2018. #Engage4Health

  • We MUST emblazon this in every lobby, every developers office, every MD office, and every hospital #Engage4Health . "If only...." https://t.co/cHOTxLHewR

  • T3 The needs of different populations are highly distinct--need to have representatives of each "target" population involved in design, dissemination of tech/programs that leverage it #engage4health

  • Here is a recent study showing the impact of the patient voice. #Engage4Health https://t.co/LQ1K5SsN3M

  • @BFMack @Lygeia @MMaxwellStroud For example, this from @mozkaynak #HSPI2018 #SHS2017 (investigating interactions between patient workflows and health system workflows) #Engage4Health #HIMSSworkflow #HIMSS18 https://t.co/869NUnJQH1

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  • @Brian_Eastwood You runners! #Engage4Health

  • @ShereesePubHlth @EMRAnswers Cool Thanks Shereese. #Engage4Health

  • A3: As #ValueBasedCare puts an increased emphasis on outcomes, getting patients engaged has become mission-critical. Step #1 of engaging is understanding #SDOH and how this varies by the community then customizing care. #Engage4Health #Engage4Health https://t.co/FPNGTZwDBr

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  • T3: Filling the care gap is a must & its going to take everyone. I’m proud of the role telehealth is playing in enabling access to quality #care. We recently addressed the care needs of rural agri. communities w/ @UnitedAgOrg. More work to be done! #Engage4Health

  • @Colin_Hung Its tables with information, areas set up for blood draws, to ck 4 BP, Diabetes. Think Walgreens clinic in the middle of a parking lot or community center. Food, drinks, and screening...... #Engage4Health

  • A3: Patients who are more actively involved in care tend to have better outcomes–so we must get these communities more involved by actively LISTENING & working to understand their motivations & needs-then put #DesignThinkingHIT 2work w/custom solutions. #Engage4Health #SDOH

  • A3: It starts with understanding powered by #designthinking. Understanding how different populations receive & process info then using human-centered design to meet them where they are. #Engage4Health #SDOH

  • For example, this from @mozkaynak (investigating interactions between patient workflows and health system workflows) #Engage4Health #HIMSSworkflow #HIMSS18 https://t.co/Yq2Ue9iXnY

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  • @Brian_Eastwood That counts as 4 steps on your subsidized tracker right Brian? #Engage4Health

  • T3: Block parties that include health fairs. Easy to check blood levels for diabetes, healthy food trucks, healthy choices. Lets tackle #sdoh wi our communities. #Engage4Health

  • @Brian_Eastwood @gnayyar @ShereesePubHlth This here is a truism. And they have more $ to invest (and more to lose) as risk-bearing entities #Engage4Health

  • T3 (stands on soapbox) I want healthcare to subsidize cost of consumer-facing tech that is proven to positively impact outcomes and lower costs, starting with smartphones *and* data plans. #engage4health (steps off soapbox)

  • T3: Public-private partnerships are key. Leveraging the resources of Federal and State agencies with nonprofits and innovative private tech companies can be successful. One example is Bon Jovi in project REACH for homeless Veterans. @HIMSS #Engage4Health https://t.co/BNxaoA6svz

  • @Colin_Hung @gnayyar Off cuff answer is that could run into ethical issues for providers (at least in broad perspective). Could explore since seen contracts for opioid Rxs. #Engage4Health

  • T3: Personal fav of mine- community based care. Health Fairs, #Diabetes screening, #mentalhealth screens, in the communities we serve- bring HC to the people. #Engage4Health

  • This is WHY we partner with hospitals and clinics. Find out #How1CallHelps healthcare organizations deliver the best #PatientExperience with #HCIT and #mHealth at #HIMSS18, booths 4039 and 7308. #SavingTimeSavingLives https://t.co/qug0ZDQO4V #Engage4Health https://t.co/Ukojk4V8Z5

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  • @Lygeia @Colin_Hung @gnayyar That arguably goes to create coordination between public and commercial payors, providers, patients & others. Really comprehensive engagement. #Engage4Health

  • If the patient is truly a partner in care, then they get to have a say in that care. #Engage4Health

  • T3: How can healthcare bring patient engagement technology to underserved populations? Which organizations should lead these efforts? #Engage4Health https://t.co/tkACNmLHIf

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  • @Lygeia @MMaxwellStroud SO MUCH YES!!! #Engage4Health https://t.co/VCRY9QtOQZ

  • @Colin_Hung @gnayyar @Matt_R_Fisher I struggle with this too. Human behavior is the variable that makes this all so tricky. #Engage4Health