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  • After failing to find a trade partner for him, Lions are releasing former first-round pick Eric Ebron, per source. Another TE hits the market..

  • #Lions announced today that they have released TE Eric Ebron. https://t.co/hmaRniJrRK.

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  • Let’s all agree to just not mention the players who were taken directly after Eric Ebron in the 2014 NFL Draf— OOOOOOH NOOOOOO. https://t.co/FppEwWvUPW.

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  • The #Lions announced they released TE Eric Ebron, who they tried to trade over the last few months..

  • Well, given that Eric Ebron is gone, Lions needed extra offense, so TJ Jones returns! (Assuming nobody tries to snag him that us).

  • @King_Mook97 FUCK YOU ERIC EBRON!!! https://t.co/StlFCWK9qY.

  • I personally hate Eric Ebron because all he does is screw me over in fantasy/ FanDuel, but wouldn’t be a bad fall back plan if we can’t get ASF back. Only 24 and capable at times..

  • Here are potential Eric Ebron replacements for the Lions in free agency https://t.co/Nc43uOIAvb.

  • [email protected] on #Periscope: NCAA March Madness Arizona State Syracuse Messi Joe Thomas Northwestern Eric Ebron Trevor… https://t.co/IPrDtMGaR1.

  • Eric Ebron Released by Lions; 1st-Round Pick Spent 4 Seasons with Team https://t.co/y6O0kJLq8k https://t.co/NHRK5K5rdB.

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  • The Detroit Lions gave Eric Ebron the pink slip.......he dropped it.

  • https://t.co/WbMO9gwc4t.

  • just get us eric ebron or ol boy suh.

  • Trend #NationalWalkoutDay Messi #PiDay Joe Thomas Larry Kudlow Eric Ebron Elizabeth Holmes #WednesdayWisdom Barça Tyrann Mathieu.

  • Sign Eric Ebron.

  • Detroit Lions have released tight end Eric Ebron, less than hour before free agency set to begin https://t.co/BLeP14D7fq https://t.co/0y5QlNvHcN.

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  • Ebron hits market after being released by Lions https://t.co/vbXVmIQeaX https://t.co/P4ZQoj4GxH.

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  • Getting Jordy Nelson and Eric Ebron would be way too mainstream for the Pats to do. Right?... 😏.

  • Ebron hits market after being released by Lions https://t.co/71CBMQUmvm.

  • @PaulCastronovo Lions have released TE Eric Ebron, great fit for the @MiamiDolphins @CastronovoShow.

  • Lions release TE Eric Ebron. I really don’t understand this move unless there’s something else behind it... be patient.

  • I think Eric Ebron to the #Broncos would be a great landing spot. Having Sanders Thomas and Ebron being a mismatch in the middle will seriously help Keenum out imo..

  • https://t.co/w2YlpesAQ8 via https://t.co/7oBgCLECbh.

  • @WillManso how do you feel about possibly signing Tyrann Mathieu or Eric Ebron? Pipe dreams?.

  • After failing to find a trade partner the Detroit Lions are releasing former first-round pick TE Eric Ebron https://t.co/HICUDvMmFK.

  • Ebron hits market after being released by Lions https://t.co/Bvo8fZz4hr https://t.co/ADQB923CW3.

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  • the mystique of Eric Ebron how good he is/was- has been greatly and humorously exaggerated on Twitter since his release earlier today. He was a slightly above average target, with average at best hands, and nothing else in terms of that position. Always a red zone no show.

  • #NFLFreeAgency // Lions have released TE Eric Ebron. Ebron is an explosive receiving TE who just never lived up to hype or potential .. tough to do when your QB is Matt Stafford https://t.co/yuAuAWoJ5k.

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  • Lions release TE Eric Ebron https://t.co/5c8vkRFy2d https://t.co/ivdxUmD1mY.

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  • Football> Nfl:Detroit Lions release TE Eric Ebron after 4 polari- https://t.co/g021XjSKQs #football https://t.co/KATo78ZcRU.

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  • Eric Ebron is Trending top 10 now in US. Visit https://t.co/4D1qIkdQBd for images https://t.co/oW29yKSzSZ.

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  • Eric Ebron or Julius Thomas both pass catching tight ends great size with good hands Eric u never seen him reach the top of his game but Thomas went nuts on the league when Peyton was his QB.