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Tomorrow, I will be at Fancy Farm with fellow Kentuckians, spreading my message for why we need a Kentucky New Deal. And trust me, I’m going to light up Rand Paul too. See you there..

Just spoke at the Marshall County GOP Night Before Fancy Farm dinner! Great crowd and ready to kick off a Red Wave in November!.

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I am speaking live from Fancy Farm right now! Be sure to watch my speech here:.

Hello from Fancy Farm, Ky where US Sen. Candidate Charles Booker and Kelly Paul, Sen. Rand Paul’s wife who is his proxy for this event since Senate was in session Saturday, just flipped a coin to see who would speak first.

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KY House Speaker David Osborne is this year’s Fancy Farm emcee..

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I’ve been coming to Fancy Farm for over 2 decades and I don’t remember a chippier exchange than what’s going on between @Booker4KY & @KelleyAshbyPaul. Wowsers! Crowd is going wild..

Fancy Farm organizers welcomed the group with a moment of silence for the people of Eastern KY and those in Western Kentucky still recovering from the December tornadoes. The St. Jerome Catholic Church then led the group in prayer. #FancyFarm2022.

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KDP chair Colmon Elridge coming in hot against Republicans, including criticisms of everyone running for governor next year, especially Rep. Savannah Maddox. Now Senate Candidate Charles Booker is up, criticizing Sen. Rand Paul, who didn’t make it to Fancy Farm this year..

Osborne introducing Charles Booker: “When you lose this year, I hope you file for the primary next term so we can at least have a Democrat at Fancy Farm next time.”.

@ScottJenningsKY This photo was taken at Fancy Farm 2019. Are you all grooming children to be rapists?.

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KPR Capitol Reporter @divya_krthk is tweeting out updates on the Fancy Farm speeches throughout the afternoon:.

Already hearing much more shouting against Republicans at Fancy Farm than I did last year when there were no Democrats, and this is just during Speaker Osborne’s starting monologue..

Kelly Paul, Sen. Rand Paul’s wife standing in for Paul who is missing Fancy Farm this year. “They (Democrats) don’t know what recession is, they don’t even know what a woman is. Democrats are teaching kids men can have babies.”.

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Yeah this Fancy Farm is already more heated than last year. Kelley Paul is trying to tie Charles Booker to Quintez Brown, who is accused of shooting at Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg, and criticizing his stance on funding for police departments.

Gov. Andy Beshear, Lt. Gov. Jacquelyn Coleman, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul are all absent from the Fancy Farm Picnic for the second straight year..

Next is Kelly Paul, speaking on behalf of Sen. Rand Paul. Paul and McConnell are both missing Fancy Farm because of a scheduled vote in Washington..

.@RepOsborne listed the rules of Fancy Farm before introducing the first speaker. Rules he listed include no noise makers, no chanting while candidates are speaking and no cursing..

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