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A strange response from a Conservative to the bottom falling out of the pound and borrowing costs rising but these are strange times..

@acroce66 Animal House American Graffiti Dazed and Confused Fast Times I love them all!😎👍.

@acroce66 Animal House, American Graffiti, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Dazed and Confused.

@robncypress Altuve is fine, he’s always been aggressive. He’s still very fast and smart. He just takes risks and that frustrates fans at times.

fast facts about me: i met taylor rep room pre show at metlife stadium, im studying child psych at school, i love country music too, i’ve been a fan since ‘07, stan song is starlight, i’ve seen taylor 8 times, & i’m addicted to dunkin iced coffee.

@acroce66 Dazed And Confused, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Animal House , American Graffiti. Dazed is a carbon copy of my life in 1976. Baseball pitcher, parties, fast cars, girls, down to the Aerosmith tickets. Great soundtrack also. 😎.

Fast Times Photo,Fast Times Photo by Spartan king @fromsammamish,Spartan king @fromsammamish on twitter tweets Fast Times Photo

@acroce66 Animal House. American Graffiti. Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Dazed and Confused. Great question and lineup!.

@SamSixx66 Fast Times at Ridgemont High. 10/10. Great comedy. Brings back memories of hanging out in the mall..

“Dazed and confused“, “American graffiti“, “animal house“ and “fast times at Ridgemont“..

@acroce66 Dazed & Confused Animal House Fast Times At Ridgemont High American Graffiti.

@RUGBY_STR_COACH @JonFlake88 Was about to add this. It’s quite literally the position a fast bowler gets into 100+ times in a couple of days over a test match.

my body is just Not cooperating w/ fasting rn so i’m gonna do medium res for 5 days and then fast for 5 days <: then do med res 5 days and then continue doing my times eating in a week and fasting the rest.

@bean0pium I think the open world looks fast but still not fast in a sonic way , I like needing hood reaction times n shit . It looks like it’s gonna be all style little substance . And the cyberspace whatever it’s called? Now THATS wiggidy..

@KazzysPlush Shameless self-promo, BUT I specifically pride myself on: ✨Active communication with clients (including immediate updates regarding commission progress and any delays that arise) ✨A friendly and welcoming customer service manner ✨Fast turnaround times!.

Fast Times Photo,Fast Times Photo by 🖤💜Kat / Nova💜🖤 They/Them🏳️‍⚧️,🖤💜Kat / Nova💜🖤 They/Them🏳️‍⚧️ on twitter tweets Fast Times Photo

@acroce66 Dazed And Confused Fast Times At Ridgemont High American Graffitti Animal House.

@acroce66 Dazed, Fast Times, Animal, Graffiti. Animal and Fast Times swap back and forth for me..

@acroce66 1. Animal House, Graffiti, 3. Dazed and Confused, 4. Fast Times.

Brand New Wayo: Funk, Fast Times & Nigerian Boogie Badness 1979-1983 [OC1Q6JY].

@DylHaskamp7 Oh man that is cruel!!!!! I love them all. This is like picking between my kids. Dazed and Confused is great, but my number four here. Fast Times #1 all time!.

@acroce66 Reverse order you have them in: Dazed & Confused Fast Times Animal House American Graffiti..

@MichaelPatmasMD The messaging even among well intended organizations and people regarding the ongoing risks from SARSCov2 has been muddled and poor. The focus should be on reducing R0 below 1. The virus is mutating fast enough that people are being reinfected 2-3 times per year, at nonzero risk..

Dazed and Confused Animal House American Graffiti Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

I had a “slut era,” the problem is that I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve gotten laid legitimately ( without having to pay for it). I’m growing older, fatter, and more bald by the day and I feel like my options are dwindling fast..

fast access to fun times (and any and all help getting this in front of more eyes is greatly appreciated!).

@acroce66 1. American Graffiti 2. Dazed and Confused 3. Fast Times 4. Animal House.

Pre-Ordered MW2 tonight for it to crash 6 times and only played 4 games before it started getting annoying. Never got a refund so fast..

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