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The Biden administration has crossed a line. We can’t wait 2 more years to correct it. After the 2022 elections, Congress must use the power of the purse to rein in the DOJ and FBI. Any Republican who tells you that’s not possible is too addicted to big government to fix this..

The GOP and right wing pundits and influencers are stoking violence and death threats against the FBI and DOJ, as was as the judge who signed off on the Mar-a-Lago search warrant. This is domestic terrorism incited by the Republican Party. It must be treated accordingly..

Congress must look into the viability of our federal law enforcement agencies that abuse their authorities for political purposes. Rogue individuals within the FBI and DOJ are violating their oath of office by not upholding the law and they need to be held more accountable..

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

The rule of law matters. The FBI and the DOJ are not meant to be the enforcement arm of the Democrat National Committee..

A reminder that the DoJ and FBI will raid a former Republican President’s home but they won’t press charges, arrest or raid any of the people who visited Jeffrey Epstein’s island to rape underage girls..

The FBI And DOJ Criminalizing Opposition To The Regime Is How The Republic Ends.

@davidaxelrod Yeah, because the DOJ and FBI have never done anything corrupt since 2016 #Russiagate.

House and senate republicans should immediately call for the criminal investigation of the Biden’s and demand the FBI and DOJ submit to an house investigation into their actions today..

They have weaponized the FBI an DOJ. Did they raid Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton?? You think Dems would ever let them raid Obama? Ridiculous and spineless Reps will do nothing!.

@KSLcom Weaponizing the DOJ and FBI for Dementia Joe’s political gain is a dangerous precedent. Why hasn’t Hunter’s home been raided?.

Do you think the Biden administration is using the DOJ and FBI to target its political enemies?.

@TomiLahren Am so furious. A former President of the While that snake in the grass Hillary Clinton destroyed phones. Acid washed phones. Destroyed evidence under subpoena. And nothing. I am so disgusted with the state of our union today. And with the DOJ and FBI. UNPRECEDENTED!.

@JudiciaryGOP The semi tractor trailer of handguns, AR15 assault riffles, heavy tactically gear going to IRS hijacked and not sure why IRS needs SWAT gear? News article being removed by FBI, DOJ.


This isn’t my country anymore. This is a political witch-hunt. We all questioned the integrity of the FBI and the DOJ well we all know now..

@SenRonJohnson I hope you are taking copious notes on what is happening to our country and apply it 20 times back to these evil mfers at the DOJ/ FBI come NOV 2022.

@SundaeDivine If that’s what’s happening… I LOVE IT! DOJ/FBI/DHS needs to get ready for Trump’s follower’s. Empty the jails and prison from folks with way lesser crimes they’re gonna need the space for a potential increase of domestic violence..

Biden’s FBI just raided the home of President Trump, a complete abuse of power, yet they bury evidence on Hunter Biden’s blatant corruption. There must be an investigation into the FBI, DOJ, and other politicized government agencies to hold them accountable. #NHPolitics #NHSen.

@RonDeSantisFL Hillary operated her GOVERNMENT OFFICE on her private NON-GOVERNMENT email system for YEARS. FBI and DOJ are corrupt to the core! THIS WILL NOT STAND.

The assault and raid by the @FBI ordered by the corrupt AG Garland chief of the DOJ at President Trump home in Mar a Lago Palm Beach Florida is a prosecutorial misconduct ,is unconstitutional ! If anything like that has happened to President Trump what would happen to you or me?.


@TheLeoTerrell Reminder: Hillary Clinton acts-no FBI raid; James Comey acts-no FBI raid; IRS Lois Lerner acts-no FBI raid. But 30 FBI agents raid Trump’s home? The FBI is corrupt. Defund and rebuild the FBI and DOJ..

Where the hell are the voices of “Ditch” McConnell and Trump’s “golfing buddy”, “Flimsy”Graham in defense of Trump…in defense of our Democratic Republic…in repudiation of the fascistic DOJ & FBI…in repudiation of the bereft Joe Biden and his primary puppet handler, Ron Klain?.

@SaraCarterDC @FBI Today is a black eye in American justice. If the DOJ and FBI can do this to a former President there is no limit what they will do to the American citizens!!!.

@RandPaul Republican Senate and House members cannot let Pelosi and her sham committee get away with having the DOJ order the FBI to raid Trumps residence at Mar Largo especially knowing he was in NY..

@nedryun I Was Watching & Heard You. Anything to Trump Him Running and Winning qin 2024. To Protect Hunter from Actually being Investifgated as Well as THE Big Guy. The DOJ AND FBI ARE Complicit. Big $$$$ at Stake/Who Actually called this Move. Joe needs help w Clean underwear & Socks.

Every dipshit on the right is now vowing vengeance on the FBI and DOJ, and that’s mostly scary because I can’t think of any fix that shores those institutions up from political meddling but still leaves them open to oversight..

@marcorubio The independent DOJ/FBI set the precedent that if a president steals classified documents and incites an insurrection their house will be raided if they fail to cooperate with the subsequent investigations. That’s it. And I’m fine with that regardless of who is in power..

@Debsam1760 @AGHamilton29 True, but I do think it’s simply best explained by incompetents in the DOJ/FBI. No sane pol would want this now and step on the great coverage they were getting..

@JenniferAnn56 @davidaxelrod Your watching too much MSNBC and CNN,this will just unite the Republicans and any fair minded person that recognizes this as banana Republic move by the Democratic DOJ and FBI..

@OliviaTroye The FBI and DOJ are as corrupt as they are worthless. Wake the F up dummies..

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