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Q: Would someone who died from a fentanyl overdose wind up in a coma? A: “Yes, they would. Q: “Was Mr Floyd ever in a coma?” A: “No.”

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Beth Martin MS,NP-C
Beth Martin MS,NP-C ()

Dr. Tobin was exc. but this toxicologist is also kicking ass!He’s tearing down the defenses strategy that George died from Fentanyl compared his fentanyl levels with those who were arrested for fentanyl/DUI’s! If you can breathe well enough to drive u ain’t gonna die

Rathekyn ()

Fentanyl is a trending political figure. Ima put down the internet and try and vote for it.

Fentanyl Photo,Fentanyl Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Clownazepam ()

@SchneiderSherry @JackPosobiec We also push fentanyl all the time I the OR/on the floors. People also take opioids without fucking nodding off because of bradypnea respiratory arrest. What’s your point or are you just trying to be a edgy?

Hi Mitsu ヤドン🇺🇸❤️🇭🇰🇹🇼
Hi Mitsu ヤドン🇺🇸❤️🇭🇰🇹🇼 ()

@NovusColumbia @RekietaMedia And the meth. People focus on the fentanyl but there was even more meth in his system.

Corddaryl Woodford
Corddaryl Woodford ()

Mr. Floyd’s level of fentanyl in his system was below DUI levels. Yeah, the DRUGS/FENTANYL was NOT THE CAUSE OF DEATH. It was Chauvin’s knee on the back of Mr. Floyd’s neck.

MsShaynaT ()

Nelson focusing on the difference between Fentanyl and Norfentanyl #DerekChauvinTrial

Katie S. Phang
Katie S. Phang ()

Q: Would someone who died from a fentanyl overdose wind up in a coma? A: “Yes, they would. Q: “Was Mr Floyd ever in a coma?” A: “No.”

MoreCocktailsOnTwt ()

@justajunkdrawe1 @MuellerSheWrote This is in fact related to the defense’s argument that a fentanyl overdose is what killed George Floyd and not chauvin.

The Time Project posting their L’s online
The Time Project posting their L’s online ()

@inspectahemo I don’t want to talk about this lie at all because it really just legitimizes their terrible conspiratorial bullshit. Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd, not Fentanyl.

Rebecca ()

Is anyone else lost on the fentanyl ratio argument? Lots of fentanyl divided by metabolized fentanyl means his ratio was less than DUI cases? What?


The same prosecutors who are minimizing the effects of fentanyl on George Floyd would charge you, fine you, raise your insurance rates, and send you to drug education if you were caught driving with the same amount.

julie niesen
Julie niesen ()

Wait I thought it was fentanyl. I can’t keep track. This is gross.

Julia Ceasar
Julia Ceasar ()

Junk Science: We should totally rule out that 3X the amount of Fentanyl in your system has zero impact on your breathing. K. #GeorgeFloydTrial

the accidental chef
The accidental chef ()

@JoyAnnReid wait, i am confused, they found partially ingested fentanyl tablets in the back seat of the car with with George Floyd’s DNA on them?

winslie gomez
Winslie gomez ()

Here is a man fighting for his life by using his head against the ground to breathe, trying to get oxygen into his lungs. This should put and to fentanyl argument.

Fentanyl Photo,Fentanyl Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
🥁 Lisa Talmadge 🐝
🥁 Lisa Talmadge 🐝 ()

It doesn’t matter when peak respiratory depression from fentanyl occurred Mr Floyd was mechanically asphyxiated. If you’ve ever been with someone dying you can feel it. You know. Death and dying fills the room. All four cops knew exactly what was happening.

Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson ()

@KatiePhang He is a great witness, but the defense attorney scored a big win with the confirmation that peak respiratory suppression from fentanyl would be at the point Floyd died ,

MAGA / Free Speech / America First / Free Thinker
MAGA / Free Speech / America First / Free Thinker ()

@MarkEiglarsh I have studied the autopsy. For being a lawyer for 28 years, I feel bad for the people that you represented.

Dawn Summers
Dawn Summers ()

covid fentanyl meth global warming really, everything *except* the 91 pounds crushing his neck for like 10 minutes.

Jessica Andrews
Jessica Andrews ()

fentanyl overdose is an epidemic throughout the country. IF floyd was ODing (and it is shown that he wasn’t), the cops are still derelict of duty in not performing CPR, not administering narcan, not placing him in a side-lying position, etc. not the case, still needs to be noted.

The Wildcard
The Wildcard ()

@JordanNichelleW Did you actually write in two articles that Floyd had trace amounts of Fentanyl in his system? Do you know what trace means? It was actually 3 times a fatal dose.

Hidden Mortal Kombat Character
Hidden Mortal Kombat Character ()

They really tryna blame George Floyd not being able to breathe because of fentanyl and methamphetamine, and not the knee cutting his fuckin air passage off?!

ᑕᕼIᑕO ᑎᗴᘜᖇO ᘜᖇᗩᑎᗪᗴ
ᑕᕼIᑕO ᑎᗴᘜᖇO ᘜᖇᗩᑎᗪᗴ ()

Even tho the medical witness stated FACTS that fundamentally disprove the Fentanyl defense, I’m sure there are some idiots who will still call GF a drug user who somehow deserved this death #DerekChauvinTrial #DerekChauvin

uchenna andrew
Uchenna andrew ()

@MattWalshBlog Lack of O2 in fentanyl OD is when your own body slows down your rate of breathing to the point where you almost stop breathing. In the case of #ChauvinTrial we see that George’s respiratory rate was fine until breathing was hampered by the police officers knee.

Noel ()

@Dystopusa @MattWalshBlog Common now; not supporting Matt’s asinine theory but half a gallon of fentanyl will kill anyone including Yokozuna. Yes, there’s a limit to your statement.

ThunderLips ()

Biden should also make fentanyl illegal also. That would help with unnecessary deaths.

Godwingirl ()

@JackPosobiec Fentanyl is supposed to be time released, delivered by a patch the pt sticks on their skin. That’s why it kills so often, never meant to be dumped into the system all at once=death/Russian roulette.

StupidMinotaur ()

@JackPosobiec was watching @Timcast last night the cop on said his department mandatory wearing full body hazmat suits when dealing with any drugs because of the risk of lance fentanyl for other drugs.

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