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Cardi B
Cardi B

Unmmmm wasn’t you bragging about it when the video first came out … talkin bout you got good head ?Anyways imma respect your kids and take it down.

NEW: Chancellor will announce this week that 120,000 benefit claimants will be asked to take active steps to seek more and better paid work, or face having their benefits reduced. Hard for govt to contrast with bankers getting increased bonuses, but they’re facing it head first..

.@GOPLeader Pledged on @foxandfriends that if Republicans take control of the House, one of the first orders of business will be to repeal the 87,000 new IRS agents funded by the Inflation Reduction Act.

JK Dobbins is going to get to play in front of a real Ravens home crowd for the first time in his career this Sunday. We, as a society, will take him as anytime TD scorer. Written in stone..

Please take all the time you need to rest and get well. Your health and well being are always priority and comes first. I know you will get better. Please know we will always be here waiting for you by your side. We love you! Get well soon Bible 🥺🤍 #BibleWichapas @biblesumett.

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Not for the first time this week I find myself saying, I’m no economist but this doesn’t look good.

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My 40th birthday is next March and I am torn between two very different celebrations. Inside of me are two wolves: - Throw a ridiculously big Fancy Karaoke Extravaganza with my favorite people - Take myself to Japan for the first time and enjoy it alone.

Not sure who needs to hear this, but when eating with your boyfriend/husband, no matter how many pieces of meat in the food, do not take the meat first. It’s a sign of disrespect! ☺️.

深夜に聴きたくなるTFT僕ら❄️ JO1(川尻蓮・川西拓実・金城碧海・河野純喜・與那城奨) - 僕らの季節 / THE FIRST TAKE @YouTubeより #JO1 @official_jo1.

@foxplushy If you need a break, go for it. We understand. Your life comes first and foremost before streaming. Please take care of yourself, Foxy. We will wait for you if needed..

There are 1440 minutes in a day. Your boss will not fire you if you take the first 14 minutes of your day to thank the God who made you see that day. Don’t ignore God as you rush to go and make use of time. Instead, prioritise thanking the God who created time! #RenosNuggets.

Thousands of Colombians Protest New Leftist President. Here’s Why #News.

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@Sydfalls the way I saw the first picture and immediately knew where u where omg I MISS IT TAKE ME.

@iam_johnw Damn how I miss this & I’ve been watching first take for 2hrs now 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂.

@JustinTrudeau Had the first and second shot. Will not be taking any more shots!! Will go to jail first!! Nothing else experimental will I ever take again!!.

THE FIRST TAKEに街が公開されてからの毎日は、仕事から帰って、動画を観ては深い癒しをもらっていたな。日本や海外のリアクション動画もほぼ観てしまった気がするw 私が剛さんの歌声を聴くと秒で涙が出て出るのは、ファンだからだと思ってたけど、初聴きの人にもあそこまで深く伝わるんですね.

Fortunate are those who take the first steps. Popular versus literary—a false divide? ك̷و̷د̶ ̸خ̷ص̸م̴ ☭ٱےهےربَـ ☭ٱےـهـربَـ☭ _______________ 🍃🍃 HMG2718 🍃🍃.

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Malika Andrews is fantastic at what she does and that should be the only takeaway from her segment on First Take. This isn’t hard. Good for her for pushing back on Stephen A. Smith’s comments..

@ecomwithbrook we always try to look for soft skills first, like personality, ambition, how they take feedback, etc. What kind of Qs do you ask during the interview to gauge that? interested to know.

I assumed a 7x champion could figure it out! 🗣 - Stephen A. on Tom Brady | First Take.

Fortunate are those who take the first steps. ك̷و̷د̶ ̸خ̷ص̸م̴ نمشي نون →ا͠ن͠اس͠☭-→ فوغا☭فوقا☭كلوسيت☭-→ , ☭ستاےلے☭ـ _______________ 🐔🐔 H112 🐔🐔 نمشي 🐔🐔 NY187 🐔🐔 نون 🐔🐔 8QX 🐔🐔 فوغا.

@PeaYoonTan actually if you use BODMAS you take the brackets first so (1+1) and then using pythagoras theorem you square it so you get 2^2 which is 4… and your 3 years if you take the derivative of 3 with respect to x then it is only 0. since 4>0, i am superior to you in every way.

It’s not US vs THEM We’re not building AI to take away from you the things you like to do. We’re building AI to take away the parts that you didn’t wanna do in the first place (nor the second).

@badboykenken @khloekardashian The first time you have a good day I think you’re gonna have to take it to a doctor because you don’t know if it’s the flu and you’re going in there for it or if.

Karski taught at Georgetown for 40 years, but did not speak publicly about his war activities for decades, until Claude Lanzmann interviewed him for the Holocaust documentary Shoah in 1985. Karski broke down in his first take..

Someone explain to me what happened between Malika Andrews and Stephen A Smith today on First Take..


@marcusoftroy Oh yeah they 10000% had a sidebar conversation after they went off wouldn’t be surprised is she’s not a visitor on first take anymore lol.

この曲好きだぁ☺️ 松下くんの声にピッタリよね… 松下くんは私の中ではミュージカル俳優なんだけど、いつの間にか朝ドラ俳優で、いつの間にか人気俳優で、気づいたらTFTで歌ってる😳 wacci × 松下洸平 - 恋だろ / THE FIRST TAKE @YouTubeより.

Interest in FHA, VA, and USDA purchase loans may indicate that first-time homeowners are ready to take the home buying leap. The MBA reports that applications for FHA-backed purchase loans grew by It accounts for of all requests for purchase.

Fortunate are those who take the first steps. ك̷و̷د̶ ̸خ̷ص̸م̴ ☭ٱےهےربَـ ☭ٱےـهـربَـ☭ _______________ 🍃🍃 HMG2718 🍃🍃.

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