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RHP Jake Jewell was called up from Triple-A. Hunter Gaddis was optioned to clear space on the active roster. Franmil was DFAd to clear space on the 40-man. Cleveland also released Bobby Bradley..

The American League has first priority on waiver claims on Franmil Reyes. The Red Sox have the 6th lowest winning percentage, which means if they want a chance to make a waiver claim, Reyes must pass by: 1) Oak .383 2) Det .389 3) KC .393 4) LAA .425 5) Tex .443 6) Bos .500.

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Can we stop with the Franmil talk? Didn’t we just send “he sucks, but the clubhouse loves him” to Boston?.

for the sake of my feeble brain Franchy and Franmil cannot be on the same roster.

Franmil Reyes was designated an assignment by Guardians today In 2021, Reyes hit 30 homers but is struggling to get on base this season batting .213 with 56 hits & 104 Ks He’d be an interesting pickup for the #RedSox if they can get him back on track.

@andybolin2 @padrespod Franmil is more than worthy of being a bench bat on a playoff team and is a prime candidate for a “change of scenery” resurgence..

@andybolin2 @padrespod I mean, defensive replacements and runners are valuable, but I don’t think we should pretend that having a power hitter to come off the bench isn’t also valuable. Right now that guy is Mazarra, and Franmil offers WAY more upside in that role..

@thepadscast @NoContextPads Mazara. If you aren’t going to play daily you need to bring something off the bench. With wil being the next OF up Mazara doesn’t bring speed, defense or power. Franmil at least brings power..

I we all just assume the Padres will bring back Franmil? Just seems likely to me..

I’d love to see Franmil back in SD but there’s nowhere for him to play. He would be late inning pinch hitter for Kim at best. But would be cool in the clubhouse.

Mark you can’t possibly mess this up. If you’re going to get any hitter at all this year, at least get Franmil. He hits tanks. Fans like those..

Lol my tigers / guardians game was postponed recently so I switched it out for the mariners and guardians game on franmil bobblehead night. I should’ve went with dollar dogs on that Friday instead 😅🙄.

@madfriarskevin MI’d sign him and him Mazara’s spot. No offense to Nomar who did a fine job but I like Franmil for a chance at a long ball off the bench.

Ahorita firma Boston a Franmil Reyes, con ese desespero que tienen de salir del sótano, digo de su casa. 😂😂😂😂😂.

La “ mole “ Franmil Reyes fue colocado para asignación por los @cleguardians el 🇩🇴 esta temporada: 🚨 .213 BA 🚨 9 HR 🚨 28 CI 🚨 14 BB 🚨 108 K 🚨 .254 de OBP 🚨 .350 de SLG #somosdomdeportes1.

Franmil Photo,Franmil Photo by DOM DEPORTES,DOM DEPORTES on twitter tweets Franmil Photo

@CleGuardians This whole Franmil situation is kinda sus. Dude hit 30 HR last year. Quick hook. Seemed to be fixable..

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