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The @TigerPreGame begins at 9:30 AM! Come see us at the Swann Pavilion at LJC! #FSUvsCLEM.

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Really thought this was finna be a good sheeesh 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ #FSUvsCLEM.

You constantly preach do something and you did nothing. To me I’d rather have @TimTebow Coaching Florida State rn 😂😂😂 maybe he can talk to Jesus to save us from circus show #FSUvsCLEM.

It was a blowout loss vs Clemson that sealed the fate of Al Golden as Miami HC. Will it be the same for Willie Taggart? FSU losses 45-14 to Clemson. #cfb #FSUvsCLEM.

Broadcaster after the Clemson/FSU game: This game was over shortly after the singing of the national anthem. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #FSUvsCLEM #FSUTwitter.

FINAL #2 Clemson dominates Florida State in 45-14 rout. #FSUvsCLEM.

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Dabo .... had much respect for you, but your cockiness arrogance and intensity is over the top man, go back and visit humility, it was your friend. #FSUvsCLEM.

Oh yeah buddy!! Touchdown FSU! 45-14 2:41 left. I feel a comeback 🤷‍♂️ #FSUvsCLEM.

Saggy really has to go. You can take talent and either have it thrive or fall apart, and I think we all know which way it has gone. #fsuvsclem.

The score is FSU 7-45 CLEM with 4min left in the 4Q What horrible sportsmanship. #FSUvsCLEM.

Respect to the FSU fans singing the war chant in the 4th quarter when the Noles are down 38 points. 💪 #FSUvsCLEM.

Can’t just went offsides and extends the what does Willie do? You guessed nothing. Get in his face #FSUvsCLEM.

My family is no longer interested in this game. I don’t blame them. #FSUvsCLEM #ALLIN.

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Disappointing we didn’t even compete. Two weeks to prepare and this is best result? Maybe next week it get’s better. #FSU #FSUvsCLEM.

#FSUvsCLEM FSU should make players wear the turnover backpack when they turn the ball over!!.

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#FSUvsCLEM - glad the old AD at #fsu got this awesome hire right before he.

Nick Saban needs to pick who he wants from Florida State and make them a star, way too much underdeveloped talent on that team #FSUvsCLEM.

Totally agree. They have taken our reputation and burned it to the ground. So embarrassing. #FSUvsCLEM.

That “or more” really keeps me from backpedaling out of this tweet, huh? 😂🤣 #FSUvsCLEM.

Whose brilliant idea was it to keep switching QBs every damn set of downs? Really proves how little faith there is in this team. #fsuvsclem.

So we get a fumble and Blackman gives it right back to Clemson with a INT at the #FSU 15. You can’t make this up 😪💀 #FSUvsCLEM.

When @coach_cristobal sees the FSU 😆 thank you #FSUvsCLEM.

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@FSUFootball please sit Cam the rest of the season so FSU can draft him #FSUvsCLEM.

I get it. Clemson is good. We’ But when we make a routine tackle, can we please stop pounding on our chests like you did something? You did your job. Shut up and go do it again. #fsuvsclem.

Not starting the QB that won the last two games killed all #FSUvsCLEM.

The @TigerPreGame begins at 9:30 AM! Come see us at the Swann Pavilion at LJC! #FSUvsCLEM.

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