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La OCU denuncia a Pastas Gallo, Danone, Pescanova, Colacao, Tulipán y Campofrío por ofrecer menos cantidad de producto al mismo precio.

They used the MLE and non playoff rotation players to get Gallo and Malcolm Brogdon lol That’s basically free. That’s crazy.

Malc Smart JB JT Rob Al White Gallo Grant playoff rotation. Think they could use a wing tho. Lot of 4/fake5 depth.

Man, thank God the Braves dodged the Joey Gallo bullet. I have to assume Alex saw something he didn’t like and was like, “Nvm, trade him to NY.”.

Como cuando tu sugar daddy se pone loco y te dispara 3 veces en el Suntory de la colonia del valle. 78 años de el y 21 de ella. Pues a poco el viejillo creia que le daba batalla. Gallo viejo que se dormía a medio palo.


#Laberinto | Resulta más ventajoso estar del lado de los fuertes que de las víctimas de la arbitrariedad o la traición. #ElAtlasDePandora por @irenevalmore.

Sorry Joey Gallo has been off the charts awful. Even if he had acquired Adam Frazier instead they’d be better off then with Gallo..

@Zellyanks If you think Joey Gallo is a bad hitter, I know he must suck! 😂 I’ll boo him for you..

@ChrisLee1515 @d_pence27 I thought you were no longer responding to me. Glad to have you back. Now that we’re on the same page about Gallo go yanks!.

@kalebasch AMEN I’d love to see Andujar back up. Gallo gets the very occasional HR and everyone starts with their “gaLLo hAtErS aRe qUiEt nOw” remarks.


Ok Hicks has gotten himself back on track. I’ve been critical of him for awhile he definitely has shut me up now. Gallo on the other hand needs to go..

Ese empoderamiento de Carolina me encanta y el pobre de Manuel le llegó un gallo digo gallina que le puso el tatequieto ..🤭 #LasVillamizar.

@AaronJp100 Por que lo banco un chingo y la verdad es que se veía bastante potente mi gallo.

También la guerra de las Malvinas está en la poesía de Borges..

Joey Gallo’s last 15 Games .037 AVG (2-52) 0 HR 0 RBI 49 K 3 BB.

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@iHitCurves Gallo, both my kidneys & 1 prospect of choice how could they say no??????.

@PocketRocket731 @ClutchCurt_ Seriously. I’m happy for the Cs though. Signing Gallo was also a very good move for them.

@mef_57 Also think his defensive ability is a bit overrated now cause of his injuries. And Gallo is gonna get hunted in the playoffs too.

Smart, Brogdon, Brown, Tatum, Rob, Horford, Grant, White, Pritchard, Gallo. Those are the 10 guys Boston guaranteed to be under contract for next year. Plenty of room to fill out the roster. Hauser probably comes back..

Gallo is literally the only guy that Stanek got out tonight lol.

Quien más cree que @edelamadrid puede ser un buen gallo, dicen que cuando estuvo en la secretaría de turismo, hizo muy bien su chamba!.

@relishdaddy @Orioles I mean look at the fan vote. I think that is enough to say it lost everything. No way Gallo should even get votes for it.

@RianacaitlinC I know Hicks is here to stay. Hoping Gallo is gone at the deadline. 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Yea but Gallo being garbage let judge walk it off so uh. Silver lining, maybe?.

Gallo is a gold glover, if he can get his vision down to see those high fastballs, this team sweeps the playoffs..

@tweetgrubes @SeanCBass I heard the fans were chanting f you Gallo. I don’t care who u are but as a human you feel for him. I realize it wasn’t his choice but the Yankees and Gallo were a bad match from the beginning..

Por las noches es un buen momento para recordar que tu frente que termina en patas de gallo es una trinchera, te ayuda a explorarte y leer el mundo más rico 🌷 🌷.

@Theyankeesworld @TalkinJake Only thing that would even compare is if Volpe gets called up this season and plays like Jeter, solving the only hole that we can’t easily fix at the deadline (LF will be easy, Hicks will be elite 4th OF with how he is doing and Gallo is done, plenty of good relievers too)..

@andreasuarezj95 Las gallinas pueden poner huevos sin gallo, los gallos solo cumplen la función de fecundar y crear pollitos, debes conseguir una gallina ponedora para eso.

Both Gallo and Judge are free agents after this season could u imagine if they let Judge walk and re-sign Gallo 😭😭😭😭.

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