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There’s nowhere with more flavor than BATON ROUGE! #GeauxTigers.

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@Kriss1_ Man thank you and all the @LSUfootball players staff coaches etc that put in all the hard work to put on such a badass game for the fans! We love y’all man! 💪💪💛💜🐯🐯 #GeauxTigers 4 life.

I don’t always go to football games, but when I do, I gotta post up with the Mike 📸😂💯 #GeauxTigers *Coach O voice* 💜💛🐯🐅.

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Here’s the list of players who’ve completed 70% of their throws with three touchdowns and 300 total yards against Florida in the past decade: Burrow, Joe. That’s it. That’s the list. #GeauxTigers.

Welcome home @ABXCII hope I had a great time #GeauxTigers.

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Unreal game. Stadium was as juiced as I’ve ever seen. Credit the defense for bucking up when it mattered most. #GeauxTigers.

They said we ain’t play nobody but Texas 😂😂😂oh okay 🐯💜💛#GeauxTigers.

My gosh #DeathValley was rocking tonight and it was awesome #GeauxTigers @LSUfootball @sec.

LSU won and I got kisses from the cutest puppy ever. Today was filled with wins all around🐯 #GeauxTigers.

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Who imagined an #LSU QB would have 1,864 yards & 22 TDs so far this season?! Not this girl. #GeauxTigers.

I love my fellow purple and gold family! 😂 #GeauxTigers.

This team is a lot of fun to watch. Tiger Stadium was LOUD tonight! Thank you Tiger fans for coming out and making an impact!#GeauxTigers #LSU.

Unsung heros tonight were the O-line. All we heard was how good UF pass rush is. I know 2 of their best were out but 0 sacks against a big SEC opponent is BIG #GeauxTigers.

80% of the earth is covered by water, the other 20% by 2017 @AllAmericaGame alum @realgrantdelpit! #GeauxTigers #UAALLAMERICA Courtesy of ESPN:.

@LSUfootball Defense gotta step up. get off the field on third downs. #GeauxTigers.

@JeffDuncan_ One of the best games of the whole college season so far!!!! #GeauxTigers.

@LindseyPelas That’s the greatest thing I’ve seen at a tailgate. #GeauxTigers.

#LivePD watching LSU football and LivePD on a Saturday night. Doesn’t get any better than that #GeauxTigers.

Congrats on @AlabamaFTBL and their first (barely) top 25 win!! But seriously, #GeauxTigers @LSUfootball.

When @LSUfootball & @astros play at the same time, you gotta rig up both TVs! #GeauxTigers #GeauxAstros.

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2 of 4 on this flight. #GeauxTigers - Drinking an Oktoberfest by @urbansouthbeer @ Mid City Beer Garden —.

Came to the bar to watch the LSU game and the amount of Yankees fans in here is INSANE. With that being said. GO STROS #TakeItBack #GEAUXTIGERS.

I can’t be the only one who wants to run my fingers through @Joe_Burrow10’s me massage that scalp, love! 😏 #GeauxTigers 💜💛.

#GeauxTigers back on top as Burrow hits Justin Jefferson..

Watching LSU vs. Did the referees not see the horse collar?!?!?! #reviewthattape #GeauxTigers.

There’s nowhere with more flavor than BATON ROUGE! #GeauxTigers.

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